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28 December 2019
04 January 2020

New Year week in Thailand


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New Year week in Thailand
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Start:Phuket, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Finish:Krabi, Thailand

New Year week in Thailand

It is important to celebrate the New Year in the right place in the right way! We invite you to join our travel adventure!

How about going to Thailand for a week or two on a catamaran sailing around the islands? And spend a fun fabulous New Year's Eve at a beach party in the beautiful province of Krabi? How about spending a week away from snow and slush in the warm sea under the sun?

Boring package tours are not for us!

The new large sailing catamaran is the most comfortable place for the company: you travel to different places and islands, swim, and your hotel is always with you!

Entertainment and relaxation, celebrating New Year, tanning and swimming, yachting and sailing training, snorkeling, SUP-surfing and kayaking, delicious seafood, fruits, and cocktails!

In 2017, we spent 10 days in Thailand on catamarans and we really liked it! And we decided to repeat this unforgettable journey!

The Thai province of Krabi is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. There are snow-white beaches on the mainland too. But it is especially nice to spend time under the sun and in beautiful sea on the many islands of Krabi. And, of course, go snorkeling. There are several unique features here that many tourists that visit Thailand often really appreciate.

Events schedule

  • 28 December, 2019


    We meet at Yacht Haven Marina in the northeast of Phuket (5 km from Phuket Airport).

    We’ll check into the catamaran after 16.00.

    Dinner on the beach.
  • 29 December, 2019

    Phang Nga Bay, Panak Island

    We’ll leave the marina at 9 am and go along the Phang Nga Bay - one of the most fantastically beautiful places on the planet; it is rare that you can find so many unusual and beautiful islands somewhere else.

    We’ll sail to the amazing island of Panak, which is famous for its nine underground lakes connected by a network of deep caves. You can get inside only at low tide. Outside, the island looks like an impregnable cliff with tropical vegetation, and inside it is indented with caves, grottoes and lagoons.

    Through the system of caves and tunnels we can get inside the island into picturesque lagoons with mangroves - unique plants that can desalinate salt water. Mangroves are rare ecosystems that have been formed for hundreds of years. In the roots of these plants you will find creatures that don’t live anywhere else, for example, a mud jumper - a fish that looks like a reptile that can live under water and on land, climb trees and breathe through the skin.

    We will meet monkeys, and bats that live on the ceilings of the cave. We will also see lizards of different sizes.

    Then we’ll sail to the islands of Naka Yai and Naka Noi. This will be a short voyage so we get used to the sea, sunbathe and swim.

    The islands are famous for their virgin nature and quietness. Naka Yai has only one small village on its western side, but in a short time the island has transformed from a fishing village into a rather elite resort place. Most of the beaches of Naka Yai are wide and sandy, as if on a postcard of paradise - beautiful snow-white beaches with coconut trees hanging over them and incredible views of Phang Nga Bay. And around the island there are great places for snorkeling - we will swim and dive here.

    The neighboring island of Naka Noi, is known as the "pearl island", because there they grow rare pearls of the South Seas. We can go on an excursion to the pearl farm - a good chance to see how shellfish are grown and how pearls are extracted.

    We’ll spend the night near the island of Naka Noi.
  • 30 December, 2019

    First we visit Khai Nok, Rang Noi and Rang Yai Islands with a pearl farm and a shop

    Then we’ll sail to the islands of Rang Noi and Rang Yai.

    Rang Yai Island has a small beach with amazing color of sea water. Peacocks walk around the beach. A special feature of Rang Yai is another pearl farm (Phuket Pearl Farm) where they grow high quality pearls for export. They can be purchased at a local store. Thai and Japanese pearls are the highest quality and most popular in the whole world, and the prices are lower here.

    Next, we’ll sail to the island of Khai Nok - a small triangular island the size of a football field with a beautiful snow-white beach with perfectly clear water. In the coastal waters of the island there are coral reefs, where at least 12 species of colorful coral tropical fish live and they are absolutely not afraid of people: it is such a pleasure to swim among them and take pictures! Here you can feed the fish.

    Khai Nok Island is famous for its beautiful underwater world.

    After that we will sail to the southern tip of the island of Yao Yai, and spend the night there, swim in the morning and then we will continue our voyage.
  • 31 December, 2019

    Krabi, Nopparat Thara and Ao Nang beaches, New Year's Eve on Ao Nang beach

    During the trip we will see several Krabi beaches.

    Nopparat Thara Beach in Krabi is Ao Nang's less "touristic" neighbor. Picturesque, quiet and long, Nopparat Tara is located next to the most popular beach in the area - Ao Nang. The farther from Ao Nang, the less civilization there is on the beach. At the end, far from Ao Nang, there is a beautiful casuarine grove and a boat pier at the place where rivers flow into the sea. The beach is located in the Hat Noppharat Thara National Park, but it is available absolutely for free to everyone.

    Then we will visit Ao Nang beach - one of the most popular and touristic beaches in the province of Krabi. This is not a bounty beach, but still the atmosphere here is comfortable. The largest shops, bars and hotels are concentrated here.

    Ao Nang Beach is one of the most populous and fun beaches in the province. It is surrounded by high and beautiful mountains.

    In Krabi, New Year and Christmas are especially festive. Exotic tropical landscapes will make your celebration even more special.

    We will celebrate the New Year in a circle of new friends at a restaurant near the beach. Cafes and restaurants have a special New Year's show program with live music and treats, there are feasts, fireworks, dancing, music, and colorful lanterns. There will be noisy parties literally everywhere this night!
  • 01 January, 2020

    Krabi, the islands of Poda (Chiken), Thab, Mo and others

    We will set off on an expedition to the interesting islands of Poda (Chicken), Thab, Mo and several others located in this area.

    At low tide, between the Thab and Mo, the most extraordinary attraction of this place appears - a 300-meter sand spit. From it you can see amazingly beautiful views of both the islands themselves and the cliffs of the Railay Peninsula located in the distance.

    On the islands, we will suntan on snow-white beaches, and anchor in comfortable, protected lagoons, where the water temperature is always about 30-33 degrees.

    There is a coral reef in the bay, which is easy to see in clear water and very attractive for snorkeling. Here the nature is in its pristine beauty.

    Koh Poda Island is interesting to those who like beautiful secluded beaches. The water here has several shades: from transparent white to green-blue. The sand is white. There are rare limestones here. It is very quiet here. Every half hour, boaters from the island of Krabi bring vacationers here, but most of them stay near the place where they were dropped off. So, we will move away from the main beach to a completely quiet and deserted place. The island is surrounded by a coral reef, so this place is convenient for snorkeling.
  • 03 January, 2020

    Krabi, beaches of Railay, Centara and Pranang

    Krabi beaches are the best in Thailand, and Railay Beach is one of Thailand's most sought after resort areas. It consists of several white sand beaches concentrated on the Railay Peninsula, which is practically isolated from the mainland by limestone cliffs and impenetrable jungle. Access to Railay Beach is possible only by sea, there are no roads to it. Railay beaches are in the top 100 best beaches in the world according to CNN and The Guardian.

    We will visit the Diamond cave on Railay Beach. The cave is located in the rocks east of Railay West beach, a very beautiful place, decorated with clusters of stalactites and unusual paintings on the walls of different shapes and colors. Plus, the Diamond cave, like any other cave, is a good place to look at the traditional cave living creatures, bats, who have chosen the cave arches to create their many colonies.
  • 04 January, 2020

    Krabi Town, marina, crew change

    In the morning, we will anchor and go to Krabi Town to change crews and replenish fresh water supplies. We will sail along the mouth of the Krabi River and arrive at the Yacht River Marina Krabi.

    Crews of first and second weeks can walk around Krabi Town before and after yachting. The crews change, and we will again go to sea to explore the islands, swim and relax, and learn some yachting too! The new crew arrives at the Yacht River Marina Krabi by 12:00.

    While the catamaran is in the river marina, both crews can go to the Tiger Cave Temple. Wat Tham Seua Temple can be called the most colorful and most impressive Buddhist temple in Krabi. Over the 40-plus years that have passed since its foundation, the Temple of the Tigrin Cave has grown rapidly, and is currently a large temple complex, which includes many grottoes used for religious purposes, caves, a monastery, a Chinese pagoda, huge, 100 meters high , chedi (not yet fully built) and a sanctuary on top of a 300-meter-high rock, consisting of 1237 steps. This sanctuary, perhaps, is the main attraction of the temple, since it offers amazingly beautiful views of the surroundings.

    This is a sacred place, so you should dress appropriately, covering your shoulders and knees, and avoiding tight clothes.


We will begin our journey at Yacht Haven Marina and explore the province of Krabi. We will visit islands such as Panak, Naka Yai and Naka Noi, Khai Nok, Rang Noi and Rang Yai, the beaches of Nopparat Thara and Ao Nang, the islands of Poda (Chiken), Thab, Mo, the beaches of Railay, Centara and Pranang. We will finish our trip in Krabi Town.