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Offer a place in the crew, a cabin, create sailing events or offer a yacht with a captain.

Select the type of sailing event and add your offer with the itinerary, schedule, and conditions. Describe it in the way people would like to follow, and we will find a crew for your yacht!
A place on the regatta in the team
Most regattas are already in our database; all you need is to select the regatta, indicate conditions of participation and some information about the yacht and the captain.
Offer your cruise, describe the route, add photos and videos, and we will post and advertise it.

Sailing courses and schools, masterclasses
Invite students to your school, master class or yacht camp.
Mile building and yacht delivery
Long crossings, yacht delivery, and mile building for logbooks, as well as advanced sailing practice.
A yacht with a captain without date reference!
Organize sailing any day and period: day sailing, sunset sailing, sailing with tourists, birthdays, and any other sailing events.

On our platform, there is an opportunity to add events that do not have a start and end dates. We created this function for organizing events at the clients' request.
Create your regatta
If our database does not have the regatta that you want to add, you can add it by yourself. You can make it open so other skippers and participants can add their offers and add boats, or private — if you are the owner of the mono fleet or exclusively sell places/yachts for your event.
1. Create a regatta/race/rally
The first step is to create an event by describing what will be there, where it will take place so that the participant understands and would like to book places on your event.
2. Add invitations and yachts/places
After creating your regatta and its moderation, you can place the conditions for participation and allow reserving places or yachts.
Questions that are frequently asked by skippers and organizers
Why do I need it?
If you have available places in the team or a yacht with a skipper, we can help to fill it.
How much does it cost?
The allocation of the offers on the website is entirely free. When the participant has booked your offer, the iNsailing service fee will be taken in the amount of 10% from the total amount of booking.
How many offers can I add?
Until the end of 2019 there are no restrictions.
Feel free to add as many offers as you wish.
I don't have a yacht, I am a professional skipper, tactician, bowman or trimmer...
Create your profile, in the near future we will have the option "to invite professionals"