Catamaran sailing holidays in the Seychelles are much more popular than in the Mediterranean. The Seychelles is located in an upland area that is shallow and therefore suitable for sailing on a catamaran due to the very shallow draft.

  Thanks to the catamaran you can get very close to the bounty beach and disembark for a swim or a walk, also suitable for children. There are no regattas or races on the Seychelles, Seychelles is a relaxed cruising holiday where you can fish, grill right on the catamaran, take family and friends with you, stay and swim anywhere and enjoy the great outdoors. For a cruising holiday, a catamaran is an excellent choice: plenty of room, large saloon, roomy cabins; you can jump in the water, sunbathe on a net in the bow of the catamaran.

 You can't do that on racing sailing boats - space is more compact and there's very little room. A catamaran also sails but not as fast as a sailing boat because of its shape but a catamaran is more comfortable. The catamaran is also so popular because of its large freshwater tanks; there are few marinas around where you can refill the tanks, which is another advantage.

 When does the season start in Seychelles? You could say with reservations - the season is almost all year round, only from mid-November to mid-February is the rainy season and the wind blows a bit. Generally it is a light tropical rain, which passes and the sun shines again; also a light rainy season from May to September, during which time it is better to take a catamaran with an air-conditioner because of the high humidity.  The best time is from October to mid-November and from February to the end of April, when there is no rain and the weather is slightly breezy.
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