For participants

We are always ready to help you with booking a place in a regatta or a yacht for your team, or help with choosing a sailing course. Learn how to book a place, how to cancel the reservation 

How to get involved?

In order to participate in the regatta, you will need to register on our website and go through the authorization procedure. Then you can choose the event,a place, a boat or a sailing course that you are interested in, and book it.

How to book a place on the regatta?

To book a place on the regatta or other sailing events, you have to select the event and press "Leave a request". You can use our search for faster results. After sending a request, the organizer should answer your request within 24 hours and accept or reject your booking.

After the organizer has accepted your request for participation, you will be charged the full amount. Your card may be pre-authorized during the booking for the total amount. If the organizer will reject your booking or will not answer during 24 hours, we will unblock it.

You can also write to the organizer before booking and clarify all your questions — this is entirely free.

How long will I wait for the answer from the organiser?

The organizer has 24 hours to accept or decline your booking request. You will receive a notification about the status change of your application by email.
The organizers accept more than half of all the requests within an hour. Usually, the organizers respond to requests within 12 hours.

If the organizer accepts your request, we will immediately process the payment and charge the full cost of the reservation. If the organizer rejects the request, or if it expires, the payment will not be charged.

What happenes when my booking request is rejected or expires?

If your booking request was rejected or was expired because the organizer did not respond within 24 hours, the booking fee will not be charged, and you can book another place or a boat from another organizer.

We regularly ask the organizers to update the calendar and respond to inquiries promptly. But sometimes the organizer cannot update the calendar or quickly reply to you.

We recommend to send messages and talk to several organizers at once before sending a booking request. In the correspondence, you can clarify whether the place is available, the yacht details and get answers to other questions.

Temporary authorization of the amount

The payment amount may be temporarily authorized on your account. If you cancel the request before the organizer rejects it or before the request expires (within 24 hours), the authorization will be canceled immediately, and the funds will be returned to the selected payment method. If the organizer accepts it, please, see our cancellation policy. The final payment occurs only after the confirmation of the booking request by the organizer.

Where can I see a confirmation of booking an upcoming event?
You will receive a confirmation email for each booked event, place, or boat. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your iNsailing account. Or you can check it in your Profile — My events.

How to contact the organizer?

Before booking, you can contact the organizer through the iNsailing platform, send him a request for correspondence and ask all your questions.
After confirming your booking, iNsailing will provide you with all the contact information of the organizer or owner of the yacht.

What kind of payment methods does iNsailing accept?
iNsailing supports various payment methods depending on the country in which the payment account is opened. In addition to major credit and debit cards, you can also pay using PayPal.

iNsailing accepts most major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard), as well as many pre-paid cards that work in the same way as a credit card.
Available methods will appear on the payment page before submitting a booking request.

Paying in cash or offline violates these Terms & Conditions and may result in deletion your account from iNsailing. We prohibit payment outside the iNsailing website, as this complicates the protection of your information and increases the likelihood of fraud and other problems.

Why should I communicate and pay through iNsailing?

iNsailing helps in booking and reduces the likelihood of failed transactions for both yacht tenants and participants in regattas or other events.

Communication or payment bypassing the iNsailing site may put you at risk of fraud, additional fees, inability to return the paid amount, absence on the events, and it is contrary to our Terms & Conditions. To prevent this, we remove text from messages that may contain contact information until the booking is confirmed by payment through our platform.

On the iNsailing website, you can send messages, and communicate directly with the other party. If it is necessary to discuss essential or final details, you can continue to exchange messages on our platform. Contact information can be provided to each party after paying for the booking through the InSailing platform.

Questions about payment using the iNsailing platform

The iNsailing website is free to use. Customers and participants can view events, regattas, and cruises for free, without subscriptions, and owners and organizers can add their events and offers absolutely FREE.

If the booking is made via the iNsailing platform, then each party must pay the iNsailing Service Fee. The iNsailing Service Fee is necessary for platform functionality.

iNsailing Service Fee

iNsailing does not apply any Service fee for the participants.

Communication or payment bypassing the iNsailing website may put you at risk of fraud, additional fees, inability to return the payment amount, no-show on the events, and is contrary to our Terms and Conditions. To prevent this, we remove text from messages that may contain contact information until the booking is confirmed by payment through our platform.

How and when are the participants charged for booking?

After the owner or an organizer confirms the request from the participant, the required amount for the booking will be debited from the participant's card. The full amount for participation in the event will be transferred to the organizer or owner of the yacht within the first 24 hours of the event starting.

It is important to know that iNsailing does not allow partial payments or several credit cards to pay for a reservation. The organizers or owners will receive payment on the first day of the event.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the booking by a participant and by an organizer

Organizers and Participants are responsible for any changes made to the booking directly through the If a participant cancels the reservation, a refund will be made according to the cancellation policy. A full refund is only possible in case of early cancellation of participation.

Cancellation fees
Participants can at any time cancel a confirmed reservation in accordance with the cancellation policy, and iNsailing will transfer the refund amount to the Participant's account in accordance with the cancellation policy:
— cancellation for the reservation during 72 hours after the payment — a full refund,
— cancellation for the reservation after 72 hours from the payment date — 10% of the reservation amount,
— cancellation for the reservation less than 30 days before the event start — 25% of the reservation amount,
— cancellation for the reservation 15 days or less before the event start — 50% of the reservation amount,
— cancellation for the reservation less than 48 hours before the start of the event start — the cancellation fee is 100% (may be considered individually).
Thus, the entire remaining amount will be transferred to the participant's account with the exception of the Cancellation Fee (penalty).
When the owner or an organizer cancels the reservation, a full refund is made to the client or a participant's account. Cancellation fee (penalty) will be applied to the organizer's account in the amount of 10% of the total amount of the reservation.

Support Center

Our support team is always happy to help. You can send us a request, and we will contact you shortly. Our support team is available 24/7.