Sailing has always been and remains a unique sporting activity.
One of the reasons is that there is a huge variety of sailing regattas held around the world. Different locations, sailing yachts, specific distances, and special rules make yachting extremely attractive not only for professional yachtsmen but also for beginners!

Our platform presents a wide variety of regattas: amateur regattas, regattas for short and long distances, transatlantic regattas, extreme yachting, round-the-world regattas, and crossings.

Participation in regattas

iNsailing provides the widest list of regattas around the world. Thanks to the iNsailing platform, you can join the chosen team or participate in the regatta on your own. Choose a yacht to participate in the regatta with your team. Find a professional skipper and captain, learn how to sail, or just enjoy sailing with friends.

Skippers and yacht owners will be able to provide their yacht to athletes and their teams, as well as to those who would like to try themselves in yachting.

Sailing Courses

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of training schools and programs organized by government agencies or sailing clubs that provide practical and theoretical courses. iNsailing provides you with the widest choice of courses directly from organizers.

You will be able to find and select a suitable training course worldwide. The cost, description, availability, dates, as well as direct contact with the organizer will make your training and studying comfortable and informative.

Yacht delivery and milebuilding

Are you planning an independent delivery of your yacht from one place to another and looking for a crew? Or just coming back to your harbor but need a crew or sailors? Create an event, post a detailed description of the delivery or mile building route, with route details, dates and other important information to find the necessary crew members.

For participants, it is a great opportunity to undergo an invaluable sailing practice under the guidance of professional skippers, as well as gain an unforgettable experience.

Individual sailing

You can choose events or rent yachts directly with the owner or organizer to participate in the regatta or for independent sailing. Organizers and owners of yachts can also create their own yacht events: local, one-day regattas or corporate events.

iNailing is always ready to advise you and provide all the necessary information about booking a yacht or an event.

Yacht Charter and cruises

Are you planning a vacation with your family or friends and have always wanted to try yourself in yachting? The organizers and skippers are ready to provide their yachts for your leisure time. Organization of the sailing at your request, providing a professional skipper and unforgettable experience.