Apps for training and self-improvement

We talked about mobile apps for tablets and phones for practical use on a yacht in the first part of our review. In the second part, we will discuss apps that help you not to forget the navigation theory, develop your skills, and make your life on a yacht easier and more efficient.

Yachting is a vast topic with interesting knowledge and discoveries in many fields of science and technology. And modern mobile apps help us to study and gain new skills.

1. Navlights — a guide to navigational lights and daytime signs on ships.

The app offers to refresh the theoretical knowledge of the COLREGs in navigation lights and signs and test yourself. One drawback of the app is that it is in English, but, on the other hand, it helps to review English terms and phrases. The app is suitable for preparing for the navigation lights exam, as well as for refreshing your knowledge before traveling on a yacht.

2. Knots3D — an app that teaches to make knots

More than 100 knots are described very clearly and in detail, used not only in maritime studies, but also in mountaineering, rescue operations, fishing, and so on. There is a beautiful animated picture with a «live» knot that will help to learn how to make it in a short time. And information about the knots used for decorations will add to leisure activities on a yacht.

3. Dock your boat — mooring simulator

In the app, you can manage a sailing yacht to moor it in the marina. There are many wind settings, yacht models, currents, mooring scenes. The yacht behavior is simulated very realistically. Recently, the same application has appeared in 3D. During studies to receive a skipper license, this app is very popular among students in preparation for the practical exam for yacht mooring.

4. Flagmaster — a collection of flags of the world

In addition to background information on flags, the app allows you to test yourself by guessing the country’s name by a flag or vice versa. It is interesting to figure out by the flags on the yacht where it comes from.

5. Star Walk — a guide to the stars and constellations

Contains information about all the stars and constellations in the universe. It is animated, so it is easy to figure out what is above you at a given time. Imagine that you are on a yacht in the ocean at night. And above you, there is a clear sky with billions of stars. It would be interesting to know which stars are above you and find planets or constellations.

6. Board Cash — ship’s common fund calculator.

The app helps a money keeper on a yacht. As a rule, the calculation of total expenses is done on a piece of paper using a calculator. And with this app, you can easily do calculations automatically and divide costs between all participants. And no one will doubt the correctness of the calculations!

This concludes our short review of mobile apps. We will be grateful for the information in the comments about other apps that help you during your sailing adventures. And if you are interested in a detailed review of any application, write to us and we will publish it.

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Mobile apps for yachting
An informative article for beginner yachtsmen about mobile apps used for practical yachting.