What shoes you need on a yacht

Going on a yacht trip, even in good weather, we make sure that we have the right clothes: a waterproof jacket, gloves, a hat to protect ourselves from the sun. And what about shoes? There must be special shoes too! Of course! And they are called boaters.

Boaters were invented not so long ago — in the first half of the 20th century. American Paul Sperry walked with his dog along the icy streets. Walking was difficult — the roads were slippery. The dog, meanwhile, did not seem to have any problems. Sperry concluded that the cracks on the dog’s paws help it not to slip. So the idea of creating non-slip shoes was born. Well, since Sperry was a sailor, it was evident that such shoes would be used on the deck of the ship.

Yacht shoes should be comfortable, have a non-slip sole, leave no marks on the deck, and be waterproof or quick-drying.

First, boaters were called «boat shoes.» They even became part of the sailors’ uniform and were used in the US Navy. And since then, boaters have been a part of the yachtsman’s outfit.

So, why are boaters so good? Firstly, they are made either of leather and impregnated with a particular substance, thanks to which they do not get wet even at high humidity (and this, as you know, is not rare on a yacht), or from special modern quick-drying materials. Secondly, their sole is white. Why? That’s right, so as not to leave marks on the deck. Thirdly, thanks to the rubber sole with wavy-shaped slots, you will steadily stand on the deck even in a storm. Fourth, because lace is stretched through the toe and along the heel, boaters are well fixed on the foot. And finally, the shoes look beautiful and stylish — you will not be ashamed to appear in such shoes on a yacht even if you are very picky about fashion.

When choosing shoes, pay attention to the sole — it should be rubber and with horizontal wavy lines. Besides, you wear boaters without socks, so they should fit perfectly on your feet so that you feel comfortable.

And remember that the right yacht shoes are not only about beauty and convenience but mainly about safety.

Functional and beautiful. Clothing.
The need for special clothing for yachting depends on what type of yachting (sport or cruise) you intend to do, how often, and in what weather conditions.This article will help you dress correctly.