The Giraglia Rolex Cup regatta, one of the most prestigious regattas in the Mediterranean region, is held annually in June by the Yacht Club Italiano together with the Yacht Club de France and the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez.

This is a real offshore with unpredictable weather conditions that requires from its participants the willpower and skills. The high level of contest and the interesting distance attract talents from all over the world.

The regatta consists of three different stages. The classification is both within the framework of the stage by divisions, and the general one - for all stages and among all yachts. Giraglia Rolex Cup starts with night races on two routes to choose from: from Marseille or San Remo to Saint Tropez, starting at midnight. The starting line is indicated by cruising motorboats with flashing orange lights. A unique experience for any yachtsman.

This is followed by three days of short coastal races in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. There is one race a day, about 30 miles long, the start is usually around 11-00. The sailing instructions provide several distance options with codes for each wind direction. The distance code is called just before the start. At a distance, there are usually at least 6-7 signs that you need to bend around. Such a task adds even more suspense and makes teams work more carefully.

And the culmination of the whole series is a 243-mile race on the high seas from Saint-Tropez, past the island of Giraglia, on which there is the famous photogenic lighthouse in the north of Corsica, with a finish in Genoa. The unpredictable, frequently changing winds of this area are a challenge for teams to find wind and maintain speed throughout the whole distance.

Giraglia Rolex Cap is suitable for both experienced sailors and beginner yachtsmen, those who want to try their hand at long distances, but already know what offshore regattas are. If you already have experience in 80-100 mile regattas, then Giraglia Rolex Cap is for you. 250 miles of the main offshore race, depending on the wind and the size of the yacht, takes a day or two - each time going to the open sea. This adds its own romance and sports spirit. You don’t only constantly tune the sails, but also are engaged in working out tactics and doing meteorological calculations. The open sea is a huge blue room where there is only you and your team together for a period of time. And the better this organism works together, the better the result will be.

The regatta has more than half a century history. It was first held in 1953 at the initiative of the Italian and French yacht clubs, as a way to restore good neighborly relationships between Italians and French after the Second World War. It is not for nothing that yachting was chosen as a way of such restoration, since the yachting world today is an example of friendship and mutual understanding between people.

When the regatta started working with the Rolex brand, it became one of the most iconic high-class races. The whole point of the sailing race is that it passes through the most beautiful places of the Riviera - with a stop at the bays of San Remo, ancient Marseille, inspiring Genoa. In addition, here you can meet true experts in their field and exchange experiences, which is priceless. Between races, you can enjoy the evening atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Every evening, a variety of cocktails, dinners, intermediate prize ceremonies and a crew party wait for yachtsmen on the shore. For the first short offshore race, the crews start at night from Marseille to Saint-Tropez. The race does not count, but before it there will be an unforgettable fireworks and dinner with champagne and oysters. On the night before the start of the main 250-mile race, there will also be a fantastic fireworks in the old port of Saint-Tropez.

These are really the brightest and most memorable events of the regatta. And the regatta ends with the main award ceremony. All this makes the Giraglia Rolex Cup a true sailing celebration!

Thousands of participants from all over the world, professional crews and amateurs, maxi yachts.

Giraglia Rolex Cup is an opportunity to participate together with the world's strongest yachtsmen in a prestigious sailing event, enjoy the flavor of the French Riviera and the famous Italian traditions!


06/10/2021 Registration. Marseille, France.

06/11/2021 Start of the night race Marseille - Saint-Tropez.

06/12/2021 Rest day / Training. Saint-Tropez. (You can fly to Saint-Tropez (Nice airport, France)

06/13/2021 Coastal Race. Saint-Tropez.

06/14/2021 Coastal Race. Saint-Tropez.

06/15/2021 Coastal Race. Saint-Tropez. Intermediate award ceremony.

06/16/2021 Start of the main race Saint-Tropez - Giraglia - Genoa (243 nm).

06/19/2021 Award ceremony. Genoa, Italy.

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The Giraglia Rolex Cup regatta is one of the most prestigious regattas in the Mediterranean region. It is held annually in June by Yacht Club Italiano together with Yacht Club de France and Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez.The regatta attracts hundreds of crews, both amateurs, and professionals, as…
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