Going on a wedding trip on a yacht is a dream of many newlyweds. We suggest not to dream, but to choose the direction! Expensive, you will say. Definitely not more expensive than a banquet for all your guests and relatives! So be brave - dreams should be realised!

Of course, you can go on a romantic trip on the Moscow River, but still the wedding journey is associated with exotic desert islands, white beaches and tropical flowers. So, our top wedding destinations.

With so many beautiful islands in Thailand, you're sure to find one to your liking. Well, and at the same time enjoy the oriental exoticism. We recommend visiting "James Bond Island", where the famous film was shot, the islands of Phi Phi, Similans, Samui.
Honeymoon in Thailand is a combination of diving, secluded rest on deserted beaches and night discos. Also do not forget about delicious Thai cuisine, exotic for us Buddhist culture, national parks and reserves. And by no means miss the chance to visit to enjoy a real Thai massage.

The Seychelles is a tropical paradise with over 100 islands. Many of them are uninhabited and are national parks. This means that nature is preserved in its unspoilt beauty.
Visit islands such as Praslin, Mahe, Cousin, La Digue and Curieuse. And the ocean routes between the islands will be one of the best memories of your honeymoon. You can park in one of the secluded bays. There you can snorkel and swim, socialise with local animals, which are mostly not afraid of people, and admire the natural beauty.

Bali, an exotic island in Indonesia, is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations. Bali will also suit those who don't like to sit still, but try new things. There is a reason why people from all over the world flock here for surfing. Learn to surf on your honeymoon? Why not! Especially if you learn together. And if you set sail from the shore on a luxury yacht, you'll discover other opportunities - snorkelling and diving. The underwater world here is diverse and will be interesting even for experienced divers.
Balinese culture is a mixture of Muslim, Hindu and Chinese traditions. In Bali, visit unique temples, try a variety of local cuisine, and be sure to attend a performance of traditional Balinese dances (and learn a few moves yourself!).

Well, let's move from exotic countries to old Europe. Here too there are many beautiful locations that honeymooners will love.

Greek islands
There are many yachting destinations in Greece, and the biggest challenge is to choose one, as they are all beautiful. Decide on the purpose of your honeymoon - do you want to spend time on remote beaches and secluded coves, or are you also interested in cultural activities and youthful partying.
For lovers of lively nightlife, Mykonos is the centre of fashionable partying in Greece. The most beautiful sunsets and picturesque panoramic views are on the island of Santorini. Pay attention to the Ionian Islands - Corfu, Zakynthos, Ithaca. On Corfu you will successfully combine beach holidays with visiting historical sights. This island has the status of a UNESCO heritage site. And Zakynthos attracts with stunning beauty of nature - blue closed bays, beautiful beaches, thickets of citrus and coniferous trees. If you choose from the islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, we advise you to pay attention to Rhodes. The island has everything a traveller needs - ancient architecture, medieval sights, delicious cuisine and beautiful nature.