The situation that we have now influences all areas of economic life. The rules of the charter market will also change, whether we like it or not.

We should look at these changes from two perspectives: those who provide the services and those who use them.

The results of the year 2019

Summing up the 2019 season, I would like to note the following:

· The rapid growth of large charter brands, both internationally and in local markets, for example, DYC and Croatia Yachting Charter. This is correlated with general economic trends — globalization, standardization of processes;

· Active demand for updating the fleet by charter companies, and, accordingly, active growth in the production of popular charter yachts;

· The popularization of yachting as a form of recreation, and its price stratification.

The forecast for the 2020 season

a) For large companies, this crisis will be harder than for small family companies because of:

1) higher operating costs;

2) booked and prepaid marketing events: exhibitions, meetings, corporate parties;

3) ordered earlier (prepaid) and not received on time boats.

I think some companies might go bankrupt.

b) The decrease in the cost of the yacht charter this year will be significant. Companies will fight for each client. And, unfortunately, the only advantage this year will be the price. I really hope that in 2021 the situation will stabilize.

c) Too many boats in the secondary market.

I would not stress the negative points anymore. As far as the positive, now we will see something that will enter our lives in the next season, for example:

· The charter companies that will survive will think more about their services. They will have to think well about what they do and who their customers are. Client orientation will be a prerogative;

· I think many will understand now that the first contact with the client is online. Therefore, the content generated by charter companies should be useful, not just promotional;

· Dealing only with yacht charter is not enough; everyone does it. You need to stand out: offer excursions and other services, such as booking tickets, transfer to the marina, booking a hotel, etc.

Are there any advantages for yachtsmen?

The advantages for yachtsmen that we are sure about in the season of 2020-21 are:

1. Buying a rather new yacht at a reduced price in the secondary market;

2. Some bonuses that work now will keep working in the future: for example, three payments instead of two, the last payment is 30 days before the charter, and not 45 days, as it used to be.