What is Offshore Racing Council (ORC) and how does it work

In 1969, the Cruising Club of America and the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) founded the ORC to develop common handicap standards for sailing racing. It has been supported since then by several rules, such as IMS and IOR. And since 2000’s the ORC Rule came into place with the goal of promoting safe design practice and rating fairly different boat designs.

The ORC Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) is updated every year. ORC scoring options are:   Performance Curve Scoring, Triple Number, Time-on-Time and  Time-on-Distance. The ORC is recognized all over the world and this is the most popular measurement-based rating system globally.

The history of ORC World Championships

In 1998, the ORC club emerged. The calculation system was introduced which allowed to calculate ORC Club handicaps using the same VPP as for the IMS. With this, ORC Club yachts could race together with IMS yachts. This became very popular and the number of ORC Club yachts was growing every year.

ORC International emerged in 2007. Since then all the ORC Championships have been run under the ORCi rule. The first ORC World Championship was held in Greece in 2008. Since then it was held three times in Italy, twice in Germany, twice in Croatia, in Finland, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands,  and Estonia. This year’s ORC World Championship will be held in Italy again in Porto Cervo, from 22 to 30 or June.

About Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo, in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, is a village with beautiful seaside landscape which in summer turns into the parade of sailing yachts with their famous owners. The village was founded in 1960s and since then it has become the largest and most equipped port in the Mediterranean. It has place for 700 yachts. In the marina there is a prestigious Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, which regularly organized various sailing regattas.

The ORC World Championship 2022

The schedule for this year’s championship in Porto Cervo is the following:

- Wednesday, 22 June

09.00 – 18.00 Registrations at YCCS Race Office

09.00 – 18.00 Measurements (as per pre booked schedule)

- Thursday, 23 June

09.00 – 18.00 Registrations at YCCS Race Office

09.00 – 18.00 Measurements (as per pre booked schedule)

- Friday, 24 June

09.00 – 18.00 Registrations at YCCS Race Office

09.00 – 13.00 Measurements (as per pre booked schedule)

13.00 Practice Race

18.00 Skippers Briefing at the YCCS Regatta Village

19.00 Welcome Cocktail (by invitation only)

- Saturday, 25 June

11.00 Long Offshore Race

- Sunday, 26 June

Long Offshore Race continued. After that refreshment at the YCCS Regatta Village

- Monday, 27 June

12.00 Inshore Race (s). After that refreshment at the YCCS Regatta Village

- Tuesday, 28 June

12.00 Inshore Race (s)

19.30 Crew Party

- Wednesday, 29 June

11.00 Short Offshore Race. After that refreshment at the YCCS Regatta Village

- Thursday, 30 June

12.00 Inshore Race (s)

18.00 Closing Ceremony and prize giving at the YCCS Regatta Village

Participants of ORC World Championship 2022

Class A

1 FROM NOW ON, Swan 45, Argentina

2  BEAU GESTE,   TP52, China

3  IRONFX, Farr 45, Cyprus

4 URBANIA , DK 46, Spain

5  FURIOSA, Cookson 50, Estonia

6 DAGUET 3 – CORUM, Ker 46 France

7  JOLT 3,  TP 52, the UK

8  ALEMARO, NEO 400+, Germany

9  MOANA, Marten 49, Germany

10 SNOWWHITE, Solaris 50, Germany

11  ARS UNA, Milius 15E25, Italy

12  BLUE, TP52, Italy

13 BLUE SKY,  Swan 45, Italy


15 LISA R, Ker 46, Italy


17 MIA, Swan 48, Italy

18 MILU III, Mylius 14E55, Italy

19 TENGHER, Swan 45, Italy

20 XIO,  TP52, Italy

Class B

1 DARING SISTERS, CS 42, Czech Republic

2 MAGICA,  Jeppesen, Spain

3  KATARIINA, CS 42, Estonia

4 TECHNONICOL, X 41, Estonia

5 KIM, First 40.7, France

6 BE WILD, Swan 42, Italy


8  CATHERINE, X 40, Italy

9 FANTAGHIRO,  CS 42, Italy

10  GINEVRA, Farr 40, Italy

11  GIVE ME FIVE, ARIA 415, Italy

12 JOY,  J 122 Italy

13  MELA, CS 42 Italy

14  MORGAN IV, GS 39, Italy

15  MORGAN V,  Swan 42, Italy

16  NAUTILUS,  X-41, Italy

17  RAFFICA, GS 43, Italy

18  SIDERACORDIS,  X 41, Italy

19 SKARP,  Landmark 43 Italy

20  SUSPIRIA OF REVENGE,  Swan 42, Italy

21  TETTA,  IMX45(SD), Italy

22  VOLOIRA IV,  Swan 42, Italy

23  OTRA VEZ II,  J 122, the Netherlands

24  SCAMP 3,  HH 42, Poland

25 SELMA RACING, J 122, Poland

26 ESSENTIA, GS 44, Romania

27 IRONY, First 40,7, Romania

28 SETSAIL,  CS 42 G, Romania

Class C

1  GIULIA,  IY 9.98F, Czech Republic

2 HEBE V, M 37, Czech Republic

3 SUGAR 3, IY 11,98, Estonia

4 ECLIPSE,  FARR 30, Finland

5 OVERDOSE CHARLY,  Dehler 36, France

6 GUARDAMAGO 2, IY 11,98, Germany

7  MeeBlick FUN, J 99, Germany

8 BATANGA, IY 11,98, Italy


10  JULES ET JIM 2,  First 34.7, Italy

11  KUNDALINI, Cobra 33 A, Italy

12 LADY DAY,  IY 998, Italy


14 SCUGNIZZA, I.Y. 11,98, Italy

15  SOUTH KENSINGHTON - MODES,  First 35 B, Italy

16 SPIRIT OF NERINA, X-35, Italy

17 ToBe,  IY 11,98, Italy

18  VALHALLA, Grand Soleil 37, Italy

19 VELASQUEZ,  Ridas 37one off, Italy

20 ZIGOZAGO,  Grand Soleil 37, Italy

21 CALYPSO,  J 99 Malta

22 FLYING DOLPHIN, Dufour 40, the Netherlands

23 LADY,  Dufour 40, Uruguay

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