The route from Cyprus to Kastellorizo and back is 450 nautical miles in total. One way trip takes up to 32 hours. How will you spend these seemingly long 32 hours at sea? First of all, you will be able to immerse yourself in life on a yacht. You plunge into a completely different atmosphere and  forget about any business you had on shore. Just a few things become a priority: your yacht, crew, sea and weather. You sleep, eat, swim, and then do it again.

In addition to good sailing practice, this is a great opportunity to collect the miles that yachtsmen look forward to so much. Sailing to Kastellorizo and back includes route planning, navigation, night watch. All in all, this is great practice. But there is still time for rest. You can read a book, enjoy the sunset, play intellectual (or not so intellectual) games. Fishing for tuna is also an integral part of this trip.

At dawn, you finally see the land - the Turkish coniferous coast, and next to it - the Greek Kastellorizo. After the scorched land of Cyprus, these landscapes bring delight and inspiration, and the coniferous air is simply intoxicating. The island attracts with its fabulous bays with colored houses, blue lagoons, fortresses and caves. And on the pier, you will find coffee houses and fish restaurants for every taste. Even the most demanding tourists will not remain indifferent looking at the anchorages with turquoise water.

The coat of arms of the island is very interesting. It depicts a heart, an anchor and a sword -  the symbols of faith, hope and love. The history of the island is long and very confusing, it was constantly conquered by one state or another. In 1920, Kastellorizo was captured by the Italians, and in 1948, along with the rest of the Dodecanese, it became part of Greece.

Turkey is situated close to the island. We can drop by during the trip to smoke a hookah, drink fine Turkish coffee and enjoy the local hospitality.

The island of Kastellorizo is sparsely populated. In winter, no more than 250 people live here. But every day during the high season, a huge number of tourists from Turkey and Greece arrive on the island on ferries and ships. The island's name comes from the red rock that hovers over it. It is also home to the Red Castle - Castello Rosso, hence the name Kastellorizo.

There is only one settlement of the same name on the island. The restored mansions are examples of Dodecanese architecture.

Kastellorizo is an ideal choice for those who like a quiet slow vacation.