Yachting in the Caribbean can be very diverse since there are many island states in the Caribbean, each of which is interesting in its way. The colonial past of the island states has many exciting stories that you will be enchanted with. The original Caribbean culture and cuisine attract travelers here.

Caribbean yachting is attractive because you can go there in winter, when in these parts of the world the temperature is below zero, and enjoy the sun and the warm sea. And celebrating New Year on a white sand beach is just a dream! A dream that can come true in the Caribbean. In addition to yachting, diving, sea fishing, and other water activities are well developed in the Caribbean. So, choose the islands and get ready for an adventure.


Martinique is the overseas territory of France, located in the central part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. The island is called the «island of flowers» — it is very picturesque, with beautiful nature. The capital of Martinique is the city of Fort de France. The city has many beautiful parks — La Sawan, Park Floral, and others. In the southern part of the city, there is the ancient fortress of Saint-Louis, which defended Martinique from pirate raids in the 17th century. The city of Saint-Pierre was the capital of the island until 1902 when it was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Now, this small city, which was rebuilt, is a city of history and art. And if you want to try first-class rum, go to Sainte-Marie, where the oldest factory for the production of this Caribbean drink is located.


Saint-Martin is the smallest inhabited island in the ocean, but it belongs to two states at once — France and the Netherlands. The island has many beautiful beaches with fun water activities. There are many coral reefs and shallow lagoons along the coastline. And Maho beach is considered one of the most extreme beaches in the world. The fact is that right next to the beach, the Saint-Martin Princess Juliana Airport is located. Airplanes land directly above the heads of vacationers.
In the Dutch part of the island, there is the city of Philipsburg, which has many buildings of early colonial architecture. However, the main attraction of the city is the Botanical Garden. The capital of the French part is the city of Marigot, with the famous fortress of Fort Louis.
The island’s cuisine is a mixture of European and Creole traditions. It has many seafood dishes, fresh vegetables, rice. The best restaurants are located in the town of Grand Kaz, so to try the local cuisine, go there.


Dominica is a very picturesque island that nature fans will like. Rainforests cover a large part of this island in the Caribbean. The sights of the island are mostly natural — waterfalls, mountain rivers. A unique natural monument is the Morne Trois Python National Park at the foot of the mountain. Here there is the Boiling Lake, which got its name because of its many boiling springs. The Northern Forest Park is a habitat for rare species of Caribbean parrots, including the imperial parrot.
The capital of the island is the city of Roseau. Here, there is the Old Market Square, which once served as a slave market. This is an interesting place where goosebumps will run through your body. The buildings in a colonial style surround the square.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The capital of the state is Kingstown, where the main attractions are concentrated — cathedrals, colonial-style buildings. In the vicinity of Kingstown, the Vermont Nature Trail begins, which goes through a gorgeous area among banana groves, tropical forests, and volcanic ranges.
The main attractions of St. Vincent, as in many Caribbean islands, are natural. The sleeping volcano La Soufriere is covered with dense vegetation, thanks to the fertile soil on its slopes. Its height is 1234 meters. We recommend that you climb the volcano admiring the unique flora and fauna of the island on the way.


Bequia Island is 14 km from St. Vincent Island. The name of the island translates as «the island of clouds.» The shores of the island have many bays where you can moor the yacht. The sand on the beaches is white; the sea near the coast is quite shallow; therefore, Bequia is often chosen by families with children. There are coral reefs around the island, but they are not very massive. Admiralty Bay is a favorite place for windsurfers. One of the stages of the World Cup in windsurfing is held here, and you can train all year round.
The island is home to Old Hegg Nature Reserve, where rare hawksbill turtles live. This species of turtles were on the verge of extinction, but the reserve created all the conditions for their habitat and breeding. In the environmental center, experts grow small turtles before releasing them.


Mustique is a small island just 5 km long and 2.5 km wide. In 1958, the island was bought by the Scottish baron Colin Tennant, and he began to take care of it. His main goal was to preserve the island’s natural ecosystem. Now, on its territory, there are only three small villages of 114 houses, there are no paved roads and tall buildings. Nature is preserved in its original form. The island has all modern communications, but they are not visible, and they do not spoil the appearance of a wonderful island. On the island, there is Mick Jagger’s villa, where anyone can live for 15 thousand dollars a week. The villa is decorated in Japanese style and consists of 6 pavilions, which are connected by passages.

Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays are very popular among divers. They are the five rocky islands. This is a conservation area where no one lives, and you can not leave any garbage here. The water near the reefs is very clear and transparent, and the underwater world is incredibly diverse. The beaches on the islands are wide and very beautiful. On Tobago Cays, some episodes of the movie «Pirates of the Caribbean» were filmed.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is the overseas territory of Great Britain in the Caribbean. In addition to the beautiful beaches of the region, there are mineral springs, underwater volcanoes, and rainforests in Saint Lucia. And also, every year in May, a large jazz festival is held here, where fans of jazz from around the world gather.
The beaches of Saint Lucia stretch for 1,100 km. They are mostly covered with black volcanic sand, but many hotels put white sand on top of it. The main natural attraction of Saint Lucia is the Pitons mountains. They are located near the small town of Soufriere. Pitons are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Climbing the Pitons is one of the best activities on the island.


Barbados is a former British colony, which is still called Little England. The capital of Barbados is the city of Bridgetown, where modern architecture is harmoniously combined with buildings of the colonial period. The central square of the town is Trafalgar Square, an exact copy of the famous square in London.
In Barbados, water sports, such as windsurfing and diving, are well developed. On the west coast, there are many reefs and sunken ships — a paradise for scuba divers. Surfers like to hang out on the east coast. One of Barbados’ most famous natural attractions is Harrison’s Cave. There you will see many stalagmites and stalactites, as well underwater as lakes and even waterfalls.