It is not known exactly who and when the first lighthouse was invented. Most likely, it happened thousands of years ago, when people were just beginning to conquer the seas. The forebears of modern lighthouses were towers on top of which baskets with burning coal or wood were placed. Today, technology has moved on, but lighthouses are still the guiding stars for sailors.

A lighthouse is not just an interesting structure. In many situations it serves as a salvation for sailors even now, when modern technologies allow to cope with the elements by other means. But today we will talk about the aesthetic side, because it is not without reason that lighthouses a
re so loved by artists - they really look very beautiful, both in the midst of the raging sea and when it is calm and gentle.

Bishop Rock Lighthouse, England

This lighthouse is not just pretty, but also very interesting, because it is built on a tiny piece of land - 16 by 46 meters. In 1847, the first attempt was made to build this lighthouse, but the engineers probably made wrong calculations and the lighthouse was destroyed. In 1858, a second construction of the lighthouse was made. This time it was built of granite. Over the years, the lighthouse was repeatedly reinforced with additional granite slabs and iron beams. Electric lighting appeared here in 1979. Since 1992 the lighthouse has been functioning fully automatically without a keeper. Now the lighthouse rises to a height of 49 meters and the range of its illumination is 45 km.

Stabnesviti Lighthouse, Iceland
This uncharacteristically bright orange lighthouse is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Despite the fact that it is not high - only 11.5 meters - it can be seen from afar due to its bright color. Stabnesviti is a true jewel of the Icelandic coastline, although there are many lighthouses scattered all along the coastline of this small country.

South Stack Lighthouse, UK
South Stack is a beautiful white-washed lighthouse 28 meters high. It is now fully automated. Every 10 seconds a white light on its top lights up and every 30 seconds a buzzer goes off. Visibility is 20 nautical miles. Now there is a museum in the walls of the lighthouse, where anyone can get to.

Roter Sand Lighthouse, Germany
The lighthouse is located in the North Sea. It was built in 1885 and its steel base is 22 meters below sea level. The lighthouse is painted red and white, but every 10 years they have to be restored as the waves ruthlessly wash away the paint. Now there is a hotel that allows guests to experience how the keepers lived isolated and away from civilization. Staying in this hotel is for thrill-seekers. There is no electricity or heating, and food is cooked on a gas stove. The way to the lighthouse from the mainland takes about 3 hours - from Bremerhaven. And you should book a place in such an exotic hotel no later than six months in advance.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, USA
The lighthouse tower overlooks one of the most tragic places of this coast - the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". More than 2,000 ships have crashed here in five hundred years. The current lighthouse was built in 1870. From its top there is a very beautiful view of the Atlantic coast. But to get there, you have to climb 270 steps.

Nugget Point Lighthouse, New Zealand
Nugget Point Lighthouse was built in 1870. Before the lighthouse was electrified, it was powered by oil. Now the lighthouse is run entirely remotely from Wellington. The lighthouse is in the midst of amazing nature, and just taking a walk here is a great experience. But the lighthouse itself is an aesthetic delight - white and majestic. To reach the lighthouse, take a narrow path that is tiled and specially fenced.

Dondra Lighthouse, Sri Lanka
At 49 meters tall, the lighthouse is one of the tallest in southeast Asia. You have to climb 196 steps to get to the top. Dondra Lighthouse is built in the shape of an octagonal pyramid. It is very beautifully situated amidst tropical vegetation. The lighthouse was built in 1889, all materials for it were delivered from Great Britain. The Dondra Lighthouse is operational and is looked after by a caretaker.