Observing strict rules at sea is often a matter of safety, not just rules for the sake of rules. If you've decided to go on your first cruise or regatta, you need to know and follow the rules of conduct on a yacht. In this case, it's better to be overly cautious. If you still don't understand some nuances on board, seek an answer from your captain immediately — don't try to guess on your own. So, here's what is not recommended on a yacht (and in some cases, strictly forbidden).

  1. Don't walk barefoot on the yacht. The deck has many details that can trip you up and injure your foot, at best. At worst, you might fall overboard. Yacht shoes should be non-slip, with light-colored soles. Ideally, consider getting specialized yacht shoes — topsiders.
  2. Don't hang clothes to dry on the deck. The reality of yacht travel is that it's almost always damp on board, so the temptation to hang clothes to dry is significant. But think about the possibility that it might be the last time you see your favorite sweater — it could be blown away by the wind or washed away by the waves.
  3. Don't throw anything into the toilet. Absolutely nothing. If the yacht's toilet gets clogged, it's unlikely to enhance your vacation experience. Dealing with a blocked sewage system will be everyone's responsibility.
  4. Use the toilet on the yacht while seated. Yes, even if you are a man.
  5. Conserve fresh water. Freshwater supplies on board are limited and can only be replenished during stops. Taking a shower at sea is not a luxury; it's a necessity, and the procedure shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. Think about other crew members. Use water efficiently when cooking and washing dishes.

6. All cabinets on board must be closed to prevent anything from falling out and injuring you or children, especially during rough seas. Be cautious when handling sharp and cutting objects.

7. If someone goes overboard, never jump after them, attempting to save them. Call the captain and keep your eyes on the person overboard since they can be easily lost. If you find yourself overboard, call for someone you can see on the deck. Save your strength and don't try to catch up with the yacht on your own.

8. Don't throw trash overboard. Not only is this subject to fines, but it also pollutes the ocean, which should be treated with care, just like any living nature. Collect all trash and dispose of it at designated places during marina stops.

9. A radio is not a toy. Never use it unnecessarily. You might trigger a false alarm. In the best case, you'll be fined, and in the worst case, rescuers will rush to help you instead of assisting those who might be in real danger at that moment.

10. Don't disturb the skipper while they are operating the vessel. Don't ask questions or obstruct their view. This can lead to a severe reprimand or, at worst, cause an accident.