You can give not a practical gift but rather a souvenir, an item that is associated with yachting. This can be a yachtsman’s map with the most interesting itineraries for traveling on a yacht or a ship’s bell which will be a nice decoration for a yachtsman’s house. If your friend is a girl who likes sailing the you can give her a beautiful sea bracelet.

But we stick to the opinion that it is better to give practical gifts to the yachtsman. Here is our list of the best presents.

  1. A logbook

A logbook is an awesome present for beginner yachting enthusiasts. This is a practical gift since every yachtsman must have such a travel diary. And if you are creative when choosing a logbook, and present a custom-made gift, then we guarantee your friend will be delighted.

  1. A solar power bank

As you know, you need to use electricity on a yacht sparsely, so a solar power bank will come in handy. Just charge it in the sun, and use the stored energy to charge the electronic devices that you have.

  1. A multifunction yacht watch

The marine watch is waterproof and has many different additional functions, depending on the model: from the compass to the «man overboard» function.

  1. Yachtsman gloves

This is a very useful thing on a yacht, as yachtsmen work a lot with their hands and can be easily hurt. To buy good gloves you need to know the size of the hand, so choose such a gift really carefully.

  1. A storm jacket

A storm jacket is one more thing a yachtsman needs. A storm jacket is strong and waterproof, it lets the air in, and at the same time protects from the wind. Any yachting enthusiast will definitely be happy to receive a good storm jacket.

  1. Waterproof bags, garment bags and backpacks.

Since it is never completely dry on board, it is best to store personal items in waterproof bags and cases. This is a really useful and practical gift.

  1. Marine binoculars

When choosing binoculars, pay attention to its parameters. Marine binoculars must have a high aperture value to make observations in bad weather, and also must be wind and water resistant. For coastal sailing, binoculars with the 7-8 magnification are suitable, and for long-distance sea or ocean travels, it is better to take binoculars with 10-15 magnification.