Cyprus is one of the wonderful places that is on the must-see list of many travelers. It is an ideal destination for both lovers of lazy beach vacations and those who don't sit still, but prefer to explore interesting corners. The pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich history, a lot of cultural, historical and natural attractions attract thousands of tourists. Cyprus is a fusion of two cultures - Turkish and Greek, a mix of religions and languages. How not to get lost in this diversity? What is a must-see in Cyprus, if you have a few days to visit this island? That's what our article is about.

Salt Lake and Flamingos
Salt Lake is located between the village of Dromolaskias and Larnaca. In fact, it is several lakes with a total area of 2 square kilometers. In summer, the water from the lake evaporates and the lake is covered with a dense salt crust. But from fall to spring you can observe beautiful pink flamingos, which have chosen this place for wintering. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be able to get close to the flamingos, as they are quite cautious, so we recommend that you bring binoculars to see these beautiful pink birds.

Lady's Mile Beach.
This is the longest beach on the island and one of the most beautiful. It is 5 km long and you can always find a crowded place here. The beach is located between the New Port of Limassol and the British military base Akrotiri. Interestingly, the shore on the beach is different. On the northern part, closer to Limassol, it is pebbly, in the central part - mostly gray sand and pebbles, and in the southern part the sand becomes golden. The southern part is shallow and most suitable for vacation with children. The water here is a beautiful turquoise color. There are also youth zones - near the beach there are clubs with loud music and cocktails.

Cape Greco
Cavo Greco Park occupies the eastern part of Cape Greco. It covers an area of 385 hectares. This area preserves the unique flora and fauna of the island. There are 400 species of plants, among them very rare, such as fennel, mastic tree, wild garlic. There are also many interesting representatives of the animal world. In addition to Cavo Greco, on the Cape visit the Cyclops Cave, which offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. You can travel around the cape on foot or by bicycle - there are convenient bicycle paths. The coast of Cape Greco is a favorite destination for divers and fishermen.

Akamas Peninsula
The Akamas Peninsula is a breeding ground for sea turtles and one of the few places in Cyprus where mass tourism has not yet penetrated. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this is the place to be. On a wild beach in Lara Bay you can meet sea turtles. A 7 km long trail leads through the Avakas Gorge. A walk through the gorge will give you the opportunity to admire a variety of plants and rock formations. On the Akamas Peninsula there is another mesmerizing place - the Baths of Aphrodite. It is a small grotto in the rock 5 meters in diameter. The water here is cold even on the hottest day, thanks to underground springs. And the place itself is extremely picturesque.

Blue Lagoon near Latchi
On the Akamas Peninsula there is another beautiful place - the Blue Lagoon. The name speaks for itself - the water here is clear and incredibly turquoise in color. If you go here, don't forget to take a snorkel to snorkel and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. You can get here by boat from Latchi or Paphos. You can also drive to Latchi and then take a 5 kilometer hike to the lagoon.

Troodos Mountains
The Troodos Mountains are located in the west of the island and are considered the "green heart" of Cyprus. There are a number of authentic villages scattered throughout the reserve, each one practicing a particular craft. For example, the village of Omodos is famous for its glassware, Pedoulas village has the best cherries on the island and Zygi village has 15 different octopus recipes. Troodos is also known for its churches and monasteries. The Kykkos Monastery is one of the most beautiful and richest in Cyprus. The highest point of Troodos is Mount Olymbos (1952 meters). There is a ski resort here in winter, and in clear weather there are panoramic views of Turkey.

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is one of the most visited resorts in Cyprus. Nissi Beach is set in a beautiful bay with turquoise water and golden sand. During the day here are available all water activities that you can imagine - paragliding, windsurfing, riding on catamarans, "bananas" and "pills", scuba diving, water skiing. And in the evening this place turns into a party center of the island. Every restaurant plays loud incendiary music, foam parties are organized, in general - the fun is in full swing.