You can't see whales in a dolphinarium or an oceanarium (their size doesn't allow), but you can admire them from a yacht in their natural habitat! Of course, you should know the places and time when it is better to go on such "photo-hunt". In this article we will tell you about several secret and not so secret places where you can see these sea giants.

Azores Islands, Portugal
The Azores are one of the most popular places for whale watching. Whaling used to be one of the main whaling activities on the islands. Nowadays, fortunately, whales can only be hunted with a camera. Between the islands of San Miguel and Santa Maria, it is not uncommon to see the largest mammal, the blue whale. On San Miguel there are several companies that specialize in organizing cetacean watching. You can also go to see the blue whale from the islands of Terceira and São Jorge. On the islands of Faial and Picu there are research and information centers where you can learn more about these animals and their migration. The best time for whale watching in the Azores is from April to early October.

Hermanus, South Africa
The whales have chosen a small bay in the town of Hermanus to give birth to their babies. Here the whales stay until they grow up. There are several viewing platforms in the town where you can admire the whales, but it is even more interesting to see these beautiful animals from a yacht! The best chance of seeing humpback whales and other species is from July to November.

California, USA
Whales can be seen in California almost all year round. Sperm whales, blue whales and serval whales can be seen here. And gray whales come very close - they are quite friendly to people. You can see them in detail and even pet them. If you go to see the whales in a small boat, they may start playing with you, because the boat is the size of a toy for them. Since 2014, the number of whales off the coast of California has increased. Scientists can't explain this phenomenon, and we can continue to watch these magnificent animals here.

Kola Peninsula, Russia
Whales come here in May to eat the cod that spawn off the Kola Peninsula. Sperm whales and minke whales are abundant here, but you can also see narwhals, bottle-nosed whales and bowhead whales.

South Island, New Zealand
On New Zealand's South Island, whale watching is a year-round activity. Humpback whales and killer whales can be seen in summer (October through March), but sperm whales can be seen year-round. The environment is ideal for whales: plenty of small fish to feed on, cold and warm currents.

Bay of Biscay, Spain
The best time for whale watching in Spain is August and September. As usual, whales come here to feed - the waters of the Bay of Biscay are full of plankton. For more than 20 years there have been organized excursions on the sea to observe and study these animals. At certain times they can even be seen from the shore.

Vancouver Island, Canada
The whale migration off Vancouver Island lasts from March through October. You can watch this mesmerizing spectacle forever. Whales swim very close to the shore and can be seen in great detail. And if you go to watch them from the sea, the bonus will be beautiful views of the island's snow-white mountain peaks.