Now, yachting in the Balearic Islands is very developed thanks to the good climate — the sea is not rough, there is moderate temperature throughout the year, and the average wind speed is from 5 to 15 knots. There are many bays along the islands where you can moor. For beginner skippers, these are very good conditions. In addition, the Balearic Islands attract by a variety of landscapes, natural sights, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, well-equipped marinas. While you choose the best route for yourself in the Balearic Islands, we will tell you more about each of them.


This is the largest island on which the capital of the Balearic archipelago is located — Palma. Palma is one of the most popular holiday destinations. There are many interesting places in the city. La Almudaina Palace is the oldest royal palace in Spain and is now the residence of the King of Spain in Mallorca. The Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca is another very beautiful building with an interesting history. In 1230, on the site of an old mosque, they decided to build a Christian cathedral in the Gothic style. But the construction dragged on for several centuries. Already in our time, the cathedral was rebuilt; Antonio Gaudi took part in the development of the interior. Thanks to the beautiful stained glass windows of the 14-15th centuries, the cathedral is very bright. Organ concerts are held in the cathedral.

The Spanish village in Palma is an open-air museum that has collected 20 buildings from different regions of Spain. These are palaces, churches, houses. In the Spanish village, in addition to architecture, you can get acquainted with crafts and cuisine from different regions of the country.

Not far from Palma there is Bellver Castle. This round Gothic structure is the only one of its kind in Spain. The castle is built on a hill, which offers magnificent views of the city and the bay of Palma.

Dragon Cave is the most unusual natural attraction of the island. There are six lakes in the cave. Lake Martel sometimes serves as a concert venue — musicians sail through the cave in boats. You can get into the cave with a guided tour and walk through its beautiful halls. There is also a beautiful illuminated fountain that simulates the dawn.

Cap de Formentor on the northern coast of the island is unusually beautiful. It extends deep into the sea, and the top of the cape is covered with forests. On the cape, there is a functioning lighthouse, which was built at the end of the 19th century. A beautiful beach at the foot of the cape is covered with white sand.


Menorca is not such as popular as Mallorca or Ibiza, so, there are fewer people here and the vacations are more relaxing. Menorca is an international biosphere resource, therefore it is only possible to build here according to certain rules. Houses should not be higher than 3 floors and painted white, and roofs should match the color of the soil.

There are a lot of beaches on the island. Some of them can be reached only by sea, and here you can enjoy the purest water and complete privacy. The city of Ciutadella, the ancient capital of the island, has now become a monument city with dozens of attractions. Among them, there are the Cathedral of the 13th century, the square with the town hall, and the old mansions of aristocrats.

The city of Mahon is the current capital of Menorca. In addition, it is the largest port in the Mediterranean — the harbor goes deep into the center of the island. Many city streets are on the banks of the harbor, there are numerous cafes and restaurants here.


Ibiza is the capital of parties and nightlife in Europe. But not only party-goers come here, but also fans of yachting. The port of Ibiza is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and on the entire island, there are many mooring places for yachts and secluded bays.

The old town of Ibiza is located on a hill and is surrounded by a fortress wall. Inside the old town, there are medieval streets, archaeological sites, Gothic buildings, many souvenir shops, authentic cafes. You can climb the fortified wall with a gate and look at the modern quarters of the city and the sea from a height.

To the east of Ibiza, there is a rocky desert island — Es Vedra. This is a nature reserve, home to lizards, mountain goats, and many birds. The height of the island is 400 meters, its shape resembles a dragon whose tail is lowered into the water. You can’t land on the island, but you can admire it from a yacht. But be careful: due to the high content of metals, the magnetic field messes with compasses and other devices. By the strength of the geomagnetic field, Es Vedra is compared with the Bermuda Triangle.


Formentera is the smallest island of the archipelago, located six km from Ibiza. The island is very calm and peaceful. Here, there is one major city — Sant Francesc de Formentera. Civilization barely reached the rest of the island.

Formentera attracts diving and snorkeling fans with its diverse underwater life. Visibility is 10-15 meters, and at a depth of 40 meters, there are whole colonies of Posidonia, which became the home for a variety of marine life.

Sailing events in Spain
Yachting in Spain is a kind of national hobby. Almost every region hosts major sailing competitions. Spain attracts lovers of sailing with its 300 well-equipped marinas, and thousands of anchorages.