I would like to tell you my story about income, loss, and success. In 2016, Turkey had difficulties with Russian clients after the events with the plane. Most Turkish-based yacht schools relocated to Greece, Croatia, and Montenegro. I didn’t do it since I had already paid for the contract in the marina a year in advance and bought property on the shore. There was nowhere to escape. But in my diary, I wrote the plan to start shooting video tutorials in 2017. And I thought: why put off something for 2017 if I have 2016 to do it?

The idea of the lessons came up quickly. I wanted to write a training manual for graduates of my school, a memo on what and how to do in the first charters. I already began to write texts and make a description of the photographs, but quickly realized that a photo with text is a thing of the past, and it’s better to shoot a video with a voice. When I calculated the costs of the equipment, the work of the operator, and the price of my time for the shooting, I was horrified. I thought that I could make a very convenient mobile application and place all the lessons on a paid subscription in it but I was wrong: over 6 thousand euros for equipment, and 12 thousand for developing an application, became a bottomless hole for me and a feeder for programmers. I didn’t know whether it will pay off, it was not so important, because I started it and it is not in my style to give up.

After three years of working with the app and with programmers, trying to earn at least something and return investments, I realized that I had been feeding a lame horse for a long time, which eats more than it works. But there was the result, and it turned out to be better than my expectations. 2020 was completely booked, even before it started, and everyone wrote with words of gratitude for my video tutorials and the desire to study in my team. And all this provided that the lessons were not in the public domain. But ... In February of this year, programmers issued another invoice for fixing a breakdown in the app, and given that the cause of the breakdown was their incorrect design from the very beginning, I just exploded.

I freaked out — and posted all the videos in the public domain on YouTube. There was no turning back. And the very next morning, I realized that for three years I was simply wasting my time working with the app, instead of spending it on creating new content. Hundreds of comments under each video with words of gratitude for the fact that everything is now in the public domain, and phone calls with requests for training in the first free place. If I had done so from the very beginning, would all the previous years have been more successful or not? This question does not bother me at all since I do not like to look back, because there are still so many opportunities ahead.

But 2020 came, and all reservations and the path to success went into oblivion. The first thing I thought about: it happened exactly four years later, so every leap year is not a loss, but an opportunity. So now, when everyone is unemployed and cannot give me work, I am full of my own ideas, and I want to realize them this year.

Of course, I want everything to return to their places as soon as possible, but so far, all your free time can be spent in the right direction and to do what you did not have enough time before. And the more time you have, the more ideas you can realize.

Обучение во всём мире
Яхтенные права различных школ, курсы для новичков, мастер классы для любителей. Не важно вы только начинаете и хотите попробовать или вы решили стать капитаном и пройти курс IYT, ISSA, RYA — самое главное не бойтесь начать!