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Team that is in love with sail
Why did we start this project?
It's simple, we love the sail and the sea, and we are also used to creating high-quality IT solutions, and we perfectly understand all the difficulties and joys of yachtsmen, both amateurs and professionals. We decided to aim for more and simplify the life of yachtsmen.
Andrey Logunov
Technical implementation of the project, experience in highly loaded systems for 12 years. Professional in React, Mongo, NodeJS and more.
Friends and colleagues dragged him into yachting. Meanwhile, he is still scared of the phrases "keep the braces" and "prepare the gennaker" but he doesn't suffer from the sea sickness.
Artem Mochalov
Product Owner
Works in IT and marketing since 2006,
CEO of the largest yacht club in Cyprus, co-founder of the FAREAST 28R mono fleet in Cyprus. Prize-winner of the European Championship ORC 2018, winner of the Rodos Cup 2019, multiple time prize-winner of the Cyprus to Israel regatta — captain, helmsman and tactician.
Julia Kochina
B2B Managment
Julia is a professional sailing photographer and camera operator. More than eight years of experience in sailing activities. She is taking part in more than 12 regattas a year. The art director in advertising. Previousу experienced on TV, design studios and advertising agencies. Used to be free-ride guide in the winter season. In summer she prefers a mono fleet, in particular, CB20 and J70.
Ekaterina Rudakova
Has more than 10 years of experience in audit, accounting and tax planning. Vice president of CISC yacht club, prize-winner of the European Championship ORC 2018 and Rodos Cup 2019. She has started with J80 and now is continuing on FE28R. Likes pulling sailing ropes and role of pitman, but still is more of a boatman.
Tetiana Muzyka
Scrum master
The coordinator of everything from a nature. Responsible for the content, moderation and motivation of the team which provides the additional acceleration to new releases. She prefers exclusively cruise yachting, with air conditioning, refrigerator, prosecco and a reliable captain at the helm.
Konstantin Maksimov
Creates the design of the web pages from 2000s. Created lots of successful projects. He likes cats and terrified of the water, sun, and salt; that is why the sea is entirely not for him. He didn't touch any ropes — yachtsman theorist.