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July 9, 2020
July 19, 2020

Aegean Rally 2020


Total days:11Racing days: 11

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Aegean Rally 2020
About event

Start:Palaio Faliro, Greece

Finish:Pireas 185 38, Greece

Aegean Rally 2020

Aegean Rally international regatta has a long history. Since 1964, it has been organized by the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC). Each year, many Greek crews, as well as yachts from other countries, take part in the regatta. Typically, a regatta consists of 3 or 4 sea races that begin and end in the Gulf of Farion with stops on the Aegean Islands. The total length of the route is 350 - 500 nautical miles.

Different yachts take part in the regatta, from special racing yachts to simple marine yachts, therefore, competitions between them are held using the handicap system. Yachtsmen of different levels take part in the regatta, including beginners without experience.

The Aegean Rally regatta takes place in an ideal season with comfortable weather conditions in the Aegean Sea and prevailing winds of 20-30 knots.

The regatta is also attractive to yachtsmen thanks to the beauty of nature and the flavor of the islands that crews visit during the races.

Events schedule

  • Jul 9, 2020

    19:00 Briefing for skippers

    20:30 Opening ceremony

    Palaio Faliro is a suburb of Athens, which houses the famous Maritime Museum - the cruiser "Georgios Averof". The cruiser was named after the famous merchant and philanthropist who financed the first Olympic Games - Georgios Averof, who bought the ship for Greece.

  • Jul 10, 2020

    Distance - 150 nautical miles

    18:00 The start of the 1st and 2nd offshore races along the route Faliro - Atsinganokastro at Foinikas Syros - Ikaria (Agios Kyrikas)

    The route is quite long and interesting and will allow you to demonstrate your yachtsman skills.

  • Jul 13, 2020

    Free time on the island of Ikaria

    The island owes its name to Icarus, who disobeyed his father, and rose on the wings up to the sun, and as a result, the wax holding the wings melted and Icarus fell into the sea near this island. The island is small and the population here is only 7 thousand people, but it has magnificent nature. On the island, there are many different caves, in which many household items of the ancient Greeks were discovered. The most interesting caves are Alama, Drakospilo, Katafigio, Lukaraos, Parafiri, Protari, Spileo.

    At the top of Mount Afer there is the Koskin fortress dating back to the Byzantine era. From the observation deck, there is a beautiful view of the island. And the best view of Ikaria opens from Mount Fitro. On the slope of the mountain, there is the picturesque village of Christos with cobbled streets and authentic taverns. The towns on the island that are interesting to visit are Agios Kirikos (the capital of the island), Armenistis, and Evdilos.

  • Jul 14, 2020

    21:00 The party and the award ceremony

    At an exciting party, the award ceremony for the first two races will be held.

  • Jul 15, 2020

    Distance - 104 nautical miles

    10:00 The start of the 3d and 4th offshore races along the route Ikaria (Agios Kyrikas) - Koufonisi - Folegandros (Karavostasi)

    This stage of the regatta will finish on the island of Folegandros, which is located between Crete, Turkey and the Peloponnese. Now, there are only three large settlements on the island - the capital of the island - Hoa, the port city - Karavostasi and the village - Ano-Merya.

    In addition to the cleanest beaches and the sea, travelers are attracted by the snow-white church of the Virgin (Panagia). It is located on top of a cliff with a magnificent view.

  • Jul 17, 2020

    21:00 The party and the award ceremony

  • Jul 18, 2020

    Distance - 79 nautical miles

    10:00 The start of the 5th offshore race along the route Folegandros (Karavostasi) - The regatta will finish at Cape Sounion, on which the famous temple of Poseidon is situated. Many people dream about seeing the sunset here - it is simply amazing.

  • Jul 19, 2020

    21:00 The award ceremony at Aegean Naval Command in Piraeus.

    Piraeus is located 12 km from Athens and is the largest port in Greece. Now, Piraeus is an active noisy city, an industrial and commercial center. Piraeus has many interesting archaeological sites. These are the ancient port gates, the ruins of the ancient city in the basement of the cathedral of Agia Triad, the ancient theater of Zea and others.



The regatta starts in Faliron in the suburbs of Athens and finishes in Piraeus. The crews will go along the route Faliron - Atsinganokastro at Foinikas Syros - Ikaria (Agios Kyrikas) - Koufonisi - Folegandros (Karavostasi) - Sounio - Piraeus.


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