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Day sailing in Greece, Athens


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Day sailing in Greece, Athens
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Start:Athens, Greece

Finish:Athens, Greece

Day sailing in Greece, Athens

Our fleet is located in Athens — the gem of the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea.

We organize day tours in the bays of Athens and along the route Athens - Aegina - Methana - Poros - Idra - Ermion - Epidavros - Athens (7 days).

Indulge yourself with a luxury day cruise from Athens to the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina in the Saronic Gulf. Swim in the crystal clear waters of Hydra, admire the neoclassical beach houses in Poros and explore the pine-covered landscape of Aegina.

Do not miss your chance to gain a sailing experience and explore the beautiful coastline of Athens.

Events schedule

  • A one-day voyage

    The route is agreed upon in advance and depends on your wishes.

    Popular Greek island day cruises:

    Visiting 3 islands: Poros, Aegina, Hydra

    Visiting 2 islands: Skiathos, Skopelos



Sailing along the Greek islands will certainly bring impressions that will remain in your memory for a lifetime because each of them has a rich history, well-preserved architectural monuments, and unique nature.


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