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January 15, 2020
January 22, 2020

Barbados Sailing Week 2020


Total days:8Racing days: 4

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Barbados Sailing Week 2020
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Barbados Sailing Week 2020

The Caribbean racing season opens with the Barbados Sailing Week regatta, which was previously called The Mount Gay Round Barbados Series. The regatta is organized by Barbados Cruising Club in collaboration with Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. and Mount Gay. Barbados Sailing Week will be held from January 15 to 23, 2020. This regatta is expected to attract a huge number of professionals this year.

The race route is 60 nautical miles. For skippers, this race is a dream come true and a treat in the upcoming holiday season! Indeed, if a crew of a yacht breaks one of the 20 records, then they will receive the amount of rum corresponding to the weight of their yacht skipper!

The traditional race around the island of Barbados takes place on the day of Errol Barrow - a public holiday dedicated to the birthday of the first Prime Minister of Barbados and the "Father of Independence". Given the significant status of the day, the party atmosphere prevails throughout the island, crowds of locals and visitors annually take the best spots in advance to watch the race, which runs along the Atlantic coast.

Events schedule

  • Jan 15, 2020

    The first training day and meeting the participants of the regatta

  • Jan 16, 2020

    12:00 - Registration at the Radisson Aquatica Hotel

    18:00 - Briefing for skippers

    19:00 - An opening party

    Before the start of the regatta, you have a great opportunity to have fun, make friends with your crew members, and set a positive mood for the competition.

  • Jan 17, 2020

    9:30 - Start of race 1

    17:00 - Beginning of evening entertainment

    You will not only compete well but also have fun because the organizers prepared an exciting entertainment program every evening.

  • Jan 18, 2020

    9:30 - Start of race 2

    18:00 - Red Cap Rum Party - Distillery Brandons St Michael

    Try the famous rum - the favorite drink of all sea wolves, and appreciate its taste. Rum is Barbados’ trademark, and here they know what it should taste like.

  • Jan 19, 2020

    9:30 - Start of race 3

    18:00 - Party

    There will be an exciting evening event again, not to mention full of the exciting competition day.

  • Jan 20, 2020

    Rest day

    15:00 - Polo game on the Holders Golf Course organized by the Barbados Polo Club. Regardless of whether you have played polo before, or you are new to this exciting game, today you will have a chance to participate.

  • Jan 21, 2020

    7:00 - The Mount Gay Round Barbados Race

    17:00 - The start of evening events: win an amount of rum equal to the weight of your skipper (the heavier the skipper, the better it is for the team, so you need to feed yours well!). Relax and have fun at the closing party at the Barbados Cruising Club.

  • Jan 22, 2020

    19:00 - Gala dinner. Tickets can be purchased at The Beach House, St James, where dinner and party will be held.

    21:00 - The party and the regatta Grand Prix awarding at The Beach House, St James. Participate in the award ceremony and enjoy live music performed by Brass Soul.



The regatta begins at the Barbados Cruising Club, then you sail through the historic Carlisle Bay, and then go 20 miles along the coast of Barbados, enjoying the views of this amazing island. Then the teams will sail out into the Atlantic Ocean and sail 7 miles there accompanied by treacherous currents and strong waves. After that, your route is towards East Point for another 20 miles. And the regatta ends with an 18-mile sailing along the south coast. You are at the finish line and we are sure this regatta will be in the top of your memories!


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