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July 16, 2022
July 23, 2022

Bergen. Traveling through the Hardangerfjord


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Bergen. Traveling through the Hardangerfjord
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Start:Bergen, Norway

Finish:Bergen, Norway

Bergen. Traveling through the Hardangerfjord

Hardangerfjord is the king of the fjords! Every traveler in Norway wants to see it. And you will see it in all its glory from the water! You will also climb the legendary Trolltunga and visit the northernmost rose garden in Europe, located in the Rosendal estate.

Vacation on a yacht in Norway is about sea, fishing, mountains, wind and sail. The ancient centuries-old mountains, covered with pine needles and moss, seem to be looking at you and nodding approvingly. Climbing a glacier or a rocky rocky shore, you gaze at this cold Nordic beauty, and you know why the Vikings could conquer half of the world, but they preferred to return here. And we are returning. Every year.

Events schedule

  • Jul 16, 2022


    The yacht will be waiting for you at Bergen Marina. At 17:00 we will check into the yacht, buy food and go sightseeing. Hanseatic embankment, Bergenhaus, Fløyen mountain, cozy streets, many museums ... There is a lot to see!

  • Jul 17, 2022

    Bergen - Jondal.

    Because of the long crossing, we will get up early and go to Hardangerfjord! Namely, to a place called Jondal, located at the foot of one of the largest glaciers in Norway, Folgefonna. In the evening, those who wish can go fishing.

  • Jul 18, 2022

    A trip to Troll Tunga.

    Early morning again and a hike. We have prepared a great surprise for you. We will go to Trolltunga! Trolltunga has already become one of the visiting cards of Norway and a place that fans of active tourism love visiting. First, we will go by bus to the beginning of the ascent, and then, on foot, we will begin to conquer the peaks.

    You will be rewarded after the climb: you will see the most stunning panorama in your life, and, of course, take a selfie for Instagram from the Trolltongue itself ... After the climb, we will have a well-deserved rest, a picnic at the top and a return trip to the marina. We suggest finishing the evening with a hearty dinner followed by drinking warming drinks, stretching your legs in a horizontal position.

  • Jul 19, 2022

    Jondal - Rosendal.

    From Jondal we will head to Rosendal. On the way, we will admire a thirty-meter mountain waterfall, and, of course, we will take some stunning photos against its background. After that we will stay in the marina of the town of Rosendal, and we will have enough time to explore it. And there is something to see here. Not far from Marina Rosendal there is a tourist information center, where they will give you a map, tell you about the sights of the town and show you how to get there.

    The main attraction is the castle of Baron Rosendal, which is called the smallest castle in Scandinavia. Also, in the manor of the baron you can admire the garden of stones and the rose garden. We recommend you spend the second part of sightseeing, going for a walk along the mountain river to the most beautiful waterfall in the valley. Intertwining mountain streams, small herds of mountain sheep grazing in the meadows, stones buried in moss, and clean green forests will impress you.

  • Jul 20, 2022

    Rosendal - Espevær.

    The next point of our route is the small town of Espevær with a population of 140 people. Bright houses, cute gardens and cozy streets are what you will see when you go ashore. If you go out of town, a huge natural park begins, with stone paths, wooden bridges, bays, forests, meadows and streams. There is also a "UFO Landing Site" just on one of the picturesque lawns, surrounded by the rocky coast of the Norwegian Sea. A great place for a picnic after a walk.

  • Jul 21, 2022

    Espevær - Bekkjarvik.

    From Espevær we will sail to Bekkjarvik, a fishing town with 400 inhabitants. From time immemorial, the locals have been engaged in fishing, and most likely this village would never have become famous if it were not for King Christian the Fourth, who in the 16th century issued a decree according to which there should be inns on the sea routes at the distance of a day's passage. This is how a hotel appeared here, which still functions and is widely known outside the island. The hotel has a restaurant serving local delicacies, wild lamb, fish, lobsters.

  • Jul 22, 2022

    Bekkjarvik - Bergen.

    Today we are on our way to the home marina - back to Bergen! There will be another crossing, full of magical views of the fjords. On the way, we will stop for fishing and try to catch the biggest cod of this trip. In the evening, we will go for a walk around the city.

  • Jul 23, 2022


    Our sea voyage, full of unforgettable adventures, is coming to an end. In the morning, we will leave the yacht at 9:00. We recommend you to stay a little longer in Bergen. This city is truly amazing!



Bergen — Jondal — Troll Tunga — Rosendal — Espevær — Bekkjarvik — Kleppholmen — Bergen


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