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08 May 2021
15 May 2021

Big regatta in Greece


Total days:8Cruise days: 8

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Big regatta in Greece
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Start:Lefkada 311 00, Greece

Finish:Lefkada 311 00, Greece

Big regatta in Greece

Greece is a dream destination, and from a yacht, there is a completely new perspective on the Ionian Islands. We are offering you walks around interesting Greek cities and the most beautiful places of the Ionian Sea, participation in quests and races, parties, and other entertainment.

The voyage will last eight days with a start and finish in the marina of Lefkada island. You can book airplane tickets to Athens, Corfu, or Thessaloniki - we will organize transfers to the marina at an additional cost.

Why Greece?

- Incredible nature

The landscapes of the Ionian Islands are some of the best in the region. A clear blue sea, olive groves, cozy bays, and pristine beaches. And of course, incredible sunsets.

- Nice weather

In May, Greece is warm and sunny, but not hot, the average daytime temperature is 22-24 ° C. The tourist season will just begin, which means that we will see the best places without crowds of people.

- Unique places

There are many places that cannot be reached on foot or by car. On a yacht, we will be able to reach the coolest points and see things that ordinary tourists cannot see.

Every day we will go to new places, fish and go ashore - look at rocks, cities and lighthouses, climb mountains and watch birds.

Events schedule

  • 08 May, 2021

    DAY 1


    Lefkada is the administrative center of the Lefkada island. It has beautiful nature, beaches, and a provincial leisurely life pace. You can walk around the city or spend time in the marina, adapting to the bright sun.

    Arrival, transfer to the marinas

    Check-in on the yacht in the afternoon

    Meeting the team

    Buying food
  • 09 May, 2021

    Day 2


    Vati is the capital of Ithaca Island. People lived here from the 3rd millennium BC. You can walk around the city, looking at the architecture in the Venetian style, or you can hang out on the beach and not bother with anything but the sea, sky, and clouds.

    Ithaca Island is the birthplace of Odysseus. Near Vati town, there are the ruins of the settlement of Alalkomen. According to one of the legends, Odysseus lived here, in the Archaeological Museum, there are exhibits demonstrating the life of a king.
  • 10 May, 2021

    Day 3


    Fescardo is a classic Mediterranean resort town. Historians suggest that in ancient times the city of Panormos was located here, which Herodotus mentions.

    Here you can look at the traces of ancient settlements, and also enjoy the Venetian architecture, which miraculously survived after the earthquake in Kefalonia in 1953.
  • 11 May, 2021

    DAY 4


    Sami is a small town located at the foot of the most beautiful mountains. The marina offers amazing views of Ithaca.

    We recommend going for a walk to the Greek Orthodox monastery of Agrilia or climbing the Melissani and Drogorati caves with an underground lake, stalactites, and incredible acoustics.
  • 12 May, 2021

    Day 5


    This is a quiet Greek village with a long promenade. Here we will try to find a football field to arrange a rounders championship.

    SYvota is famous for its crystal water beaches and fish taverns. After the championship, we will eat seafood and then swim, or the other way round.
  • 13 May, 2021

    DAY 6


    A tiny mountainous island with a population of 300 people.

    A good day to enjoy a leisurely seaside rest: read on the beach, walk along the water and fall asleep after a generous fish lunch.
  • 14 May, 2021

    DAY 7 and 8


    The last day of the regatta is the time to remember the best moments, exchange contacts, have an unforgettable farewell party, and then fellowship with the crew all night long on the deck under the endless starry sky.

    Check-out from the yacht the next day before 09:00. If you wish, you can continue your trip around Greece


Ionian Islands, clear sea, and ancient cities



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