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May 2, 2020
May 9, 2020



Total days:8Racing days: 8

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Start:Chemin départemental 18 Port, Le Pin Rolland, 83430 Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, France

Finish:Le Pin Rolland, 83430 Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer, France


For the May holidays, we are gathering a large company of like-minded people! We are planning the race on sailing yachts with gennaker. In 2020, we will sail around the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, Elba and Corsica. Do you want to join us?

High-quality sailing

Every morning you will wake up to the intrigue of a sailing race. You will work in a team, where everyone is an irreplaceable crew member, and will get a lot of excitement, adrenaline, and sea wind. At the end of the trip, the top three teams will receive cool prizes. During the regatta we pay particular attention to safety measures. By the way, about the prizes: follow our official accounts on social networks, we will begin to talk about them shortly.

Positive emotions and many new friends

«What about relaxation?» you may ask. The program, as always, also includes rest and fun. Races will take place in the morning, and in the afternoon there will be various team-building events, master classes, picnics, theme parties and discos, fun contests and much more. It will definitely be exciting and fun!

We know how special it is to find interesting people to talk to, and there will be many of them in 10 crews! All our participants have similar interests, cool hobbies, a positive outlook on things and an active life position. Otherwise, they wouldn’t choose yachting.

Join now! Special skills are not required, you will learn everything in the process. The main thing is your desire!

The format of the cruise is Sails Only (the price includes only yachting, additional services are not included).

Events schedule

  • May 2, 2020


    Start from Port Pin Rolland. The closest airports are: Toulon (25 km) and Marseille (100 km).

    Day 1: Port Pin Rolland

    The crew meeting at 17:00, the purchase of products.

    20:00 welcome dinner. Opening Regatta.

  • May 3, 2020

    Day 2: Hyer (17 mi)

    Morning: briefing, training race

    Day: The first day of the race; Transition to Hyer.

    Evening: crew members program, summing up the first day of the race.

  • May 4, 2020

    Day 3: Saint Tropez (34 miles)

    Morning: briefing, creative assignments No. 1

    Day: The second day of the races; Crossing to Saint Tropez

    Evening: free time for crews and participants, we walk along Saint Tropez

  • May 5, 2020

    Day 4: Cannes (24 mi)

    Morning: briefing

    Day: Third day of the races; Sailing to Cannes

    Evening: a party on the beach, a review of creative assignments No. 1 and a summary of them

  • May 6, 2020

    Day 5: Day in Cannes

    For those who wish, we can organize outdoor activities (canyoning, via ferrata, hiking in the mountains, a tour of Cannes).

    Inform the organizers about your wishes to participate in any activities, we will calculate the cost for it.

    Evening: “Sea Mafia”

  • May 7, 2020

    Day 6: Cevalaire (32 nm)

    Morning: briefing, creative assignment No. 2

    Day: Fourth day of the races; transition to Cevalaire

    Evening: intuition game / party

  • May 8, 2020

    Day 7: Pin Rolland (32 nm)

    Morning: briefing

    Day: Fourth day of the races; Transition to Pin Rolland

    Evening: Final dinner. Closing of the regatta. Award ceremony of the regatta.

  • May 9, 2020

    Day 8: at 09:00 we leave the boat.

    Attention! The route and program may be changed by decision of the captains and organizers due to weather conditions.



We will sail around the islands of the Tuscan archipelago — Elba and Corsica.


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