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June 19, 2021
June 26, 2021

An expedition to Azores


Total days:8Cruise days: 8

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Еxperienced, Beginners

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An expedition to Azores
About event

Start:São Miguel Island, Portugal

Finish:São Miguel Island, Portugal

An expedition to Azores

There is no mass tourism on Azores; only true fans of natural beauty get here. Local residents are open and sincerely friendly, they do not treat tourists as a source of profit, for them travelers are rather an opportunity to learn firsthand how people live in other parts of the world. It is neither cold nor hot, and in the sound of the wind you can hear the whisper of the ancient land. We will go to the wild Portuguese oasis in the heart of the Gulf Stream!

Azores are considered the cleanest place on the planet thanks to the hot springs, palm plantations, black sand beaches, turquoise lakes in the craters of extinct volcanoes, fantastic sunsets and sunrises. But the most important thing is that meeting with whales, dolphins, killer whales and sperm whales is practically guaranteed to us!

Events schedule

  • Jun 19, 2021

    San Miguel.

    Today we are meeting in Ponta Delgada, the largest city on the island of San Miguel, here you will meet your ылшззукs and check in on the yacht. Еhe first impression of yachting is formed by the skill of the skipper, the travel format and the right preparation for the event! Therefore, it is necessary to go through an important briefing, buy food and comfortably settle in the cabin. After all the necessary preparations, we will walk along the magnificently decorated sidewalks and squares of the city, reach the snow-white city gates - Portas da Cidade, which have become the hallmark of Ponta Delgada, see the churches of St. Michael the Archangel and St. Christ. And we will end our busy day with a dinner at one of the popular local restaurants

  • Jun 20, 2021

    San Miguel - Pico.

    Today we will have a daily crossing from the island of Sao Miguel to the highest point of Portugal. We're going to Pico! The beauty of long crossings is that you can sit on the deck for a long time and admire the horizon, breathe in the smell of the sea, discuss plans for the day with the team, and spend time alone with yourself. On the small island of Pico, there are only three large cities - Madalena, San Roque, and Lajes, so we will be greeted by kilometers of untouched nature, volcanic slopes entwined with unique vineyards, lava pools, and mountain lakes. This is the quintessence of the natural beauty of the Azores, here the emerald meadows smoothly turn into the turquoise surface of the water, merge with the clear blue sky.

  • Jun 21, 2021


    Pico Mountain is the third largest volcano in the Atlantic, and today we will conquer this peak! Frozen lava flows, dense dwarf forests, fluffy carpets of moss and lichens, clouds hanging overhead and a milky haze of fog - it seems that dinosaurs are still wandering around here somewhere. A real botanical paradise, mountain lakes hidden from prying eyes, local cows - what else will we meet on the way to the lost world at the very edge of the world? From the top of Pico, you can see Faial Island - the next point on the map of our trip. Local wine was once highly valued in the world due to its unique technologies for growing grapes in basalt fields, it was supplied to many imperial courts, and we will appreciate it too! We will definitely use one of the many barbecue areas for a late dinner by the fire to meet a fantastic sunset, and maybe even a sunrise.

  • Jun 22, 2021

    Pico - Faial.

    Goodbye charming Pico, hello unknown Faial! By the way, if you go down to about a hundred meters, you can see that these islands are two parts of one whole. The ancient volcano Caldeira, due to the eruption of which Faial Island was formed, is still considered active. The local port is intricately replete with various graffiti, stencils, and other art traces of yachtsmen crossing the Atlantic. It is believed that by leaving behind such an autograph here, you receive a patent for a successful continuation of the journey. Since the 18th century, Horta - a small town on a small island - is considered the center of whaling and anchorage for ships from all over the world. We will celebrate our arrival at the first most popular European port in the legendary cafe PITER SPORT, a place where more than one generation of around the world and real adventure seekers traditionally meet!

  • Jun 23, 2021

    Faial - San Jorge.

    The beauty of the Azores is that every morning we have a wonderful, unique view from the yacht. But on San Jorge, the effect of detachment from civilization is felt more sharply than on the other islands of the archipelago, here, in addition to the usual bright green grass along the ocean, we will see the top of Mount Pico, which, like the head of a stone giant, peacefully slumbers on a pillow of clouds. An incredible panorama of the ocean opens from the rocky coast, and from the highest point of the island - Pico da Esperança - you can see Pico and Faial. The island way of life of the local population, landscapes, fresh air - all this contributes to tranquility and slowness. In the waters of the Azores archipelago, for many centuries, the world whaling dominated. It took the local authorities a tremendous amount of effort to turn towards whale watching. Today, the Azores are one of the few places in the world with the highest whale population, which means that a successful photo hunt is almost guaranteed to us! And in the evening we will visit one of the local restaurants to remember once and for all what size a real Atlantic fish steak should be.

  • Jun 24, 2021

    San Jorge - San Miguel.

    Today we have the second daily crossing. Take this unique opportunity to look at life from a different angle! Enjoy the unhurried passage of time, communication with like-minded people, the constant change of the fantastic beauty of the frames overboard. You can deepen their knowledge of yachting, work with sails, learn to knot, even stay at the helm and fulfill your childhood dream, feeling like a real sea wolf! You can happily stretch out on the deck and sunbathe a little, you can leisurely sip wine or swim in the open sea - everyone will find something to do. We will return to the shores of the already familiar island of San Miguel to immerse ourselves deeper into its history, stroll past the ancient buildings of the colonial era, fill ourselves with the natural forces of volcanic lakes and feel the charm of this old city. You should try the delicious local ice cream.

  • Jun 25, 2021

    San Miguel

    Today we will explore the natural beauty of the island of San Miguel! We will visit the lake Lagoa do Fogo, shrouded in a mystical atmosphere, almost always hidden by fog, and take a dip in the famous thermal springs in the Terra Nostra Garden park. Everyone who has heard about the Azores at least once knows about Lagoa das Sete Cidades. In the crater of an ancient volcano, there are two multi-colored lakes, one of them is blue, and the other is green. In general, the northern part of the island is drastically different from those landscapes to which we are used to during a week of travel. The lead waters of the harsh Atlantic dominate here. But this gloomy beauty has its own charm

  • Jun 26, 2021

    San Miguel.

    The Azores, besides its natural beauty, have a large number of colorful houses. They are completely different from each other, but, nevertheless, they form an incredibly harmonious ensemble, and twist like a bright ribbon along the uneven banks, reflecting in the emerald water.

    An unforgettable vacation is coming to an end. Today we have to leave our comfortable yacht, say goodbye to the skipper and crew. But we hope that we will meet again!





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