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02 May 2020
09 May 2020



Total days:8Racing days: 6

Team level

Beginners, Еxperienced

Activity level


Event Language

Russian, English
About event

Start:22213, Pirovac, Croatia

Finish:22213, Pirovac, Croatia

Средняя Далмация — Хорватия Девиз: «Успешные люди — успешны во всем»


Even if you don’t have sailing experience, it does not matter. The main thing is that you have a desire to win!

Join us - perhaps it is the regatta that you have been looking for.

BUDWEIS REGATTA means real adventures and bright emotions, an action-packed race on sailing yachts under the guidance of experienced skippers.

BUDWEIS REGATTA is an exciting competition and a real sea adventure.

BUDWEIS REGATTA is a test of strength, finding new friends and feeling bright emotions.

If you want to participate in the regatta, we will help you. You don’t need to be a professional, just have the desire and ability to work in a team. Then you will definitely have the positive emotions from participating in the regatta and will gain new experience.

The regatta includes not only races, but also an exciting program on the shore: daily summing up the results of races, rewarding of winners, an entertainment program, and a disco. Here, sports will be combined with relaxation and communication.

This regatta is for those who choose the freedom of movement, sky, wind, sea, sails! Join us!

Events schedule

  • 02 May, 2020

    Pirovac marina

    17:00 - receiving yachts and preparing them for the regatta: installing side numbers, banners and flags. Registration of teams and receiving all necessary materials will take place on the referee ship. The name and the place will be announced later.
  • 03 May, 2020

    Sailing to Zminjak island

    09:00 - Captains briefing and safety briefing

    10:00 - 18:00 - Free time. You can have some sailing practice if you want

    19:00 - Dinner at the restaurant

    20:00 - 24:00 - Grand opening of the regatta, presentation of teams. Special prizes will be given to those who have the best team uniform, and the best introduction of the crew.

    Disco party
  • 04 May, 2020

    First race day: Zminjak island - Sibenik city (Marina Mandalina)

    Distance - 15 miles

    09:00 - Skipper briefing

    10:00 - Photo of all participants in the regatta

    11:00 - Start of the race

    19:00 - Dinner at the restaurant

    20:00 - 23:00 - Intellectual and entertaining game "MARINE BRAINfight"

  • 05 May, 2020

    Second race day: Sibenik - Zlarin island

    Distance - 15 miles. (Two or three races)

    09:00 - Skipper briefing

    11:00 - Start of the race

    17:00 - Finish

    19:00 - Dinner at the restaurant

    20:00 - 23:00 Guitar evening
  • 06 May, 2020

    Third race day: Zlarin island - Zut island

    Distance - 15 miles

    09:00 - Skipper briefing

    11:00 - Start of the race

    17:00 - Finish

    19:00 Dinner at the restaurant

    20:00 - 23:00 thematic "Hippie Style Party"

    Themed costumes are necessary
  • 07 May, 2020

    Fourth race day: Zut island - Pirovac Marina

    Distance - 15 miles

    09:00 - Skipper briefing

    11:00 - Start of the race

    17:00 - Finish of the race, Welcome drink

    19:00 - Dinner at the restaurant

    20:00 - 23:00 Closing ceremony of the regatta, awarding of winners, gala dinner

  • 08 May, 2020

    Fifth race day: Pirovac - Biograd to Moru

    Distance - 20 miles.
  • 09 May, 2020

    Delivering yachts, leaving the regatta


The route will go through the most picturesque places of Central Dalmatia: Sibenik, Pirovac, Kornati National Park. The regatta starts and ends at the Pirovac Marina. * The regatta program may be changed depending on weather conditions.



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