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February 11, 2023
February 22, 2023

ISSA day skipper course


Total days:12Course days: 5

Team level

Еxperienced, Beginners

Activity level


Event Language

Russian, English
ISSA day skipper course
About event

Start:Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Finish:Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

ISSA day skipper course

3 days of theory sessions (12.02, 14.02, 16.02 in the afternoon)

5 days of at-sea practice: December 19-23 (9 am - 3.30 pm)

On the course you will learn

 - elementary knowledge about the operation of yacht systems,

 toilets, oven, sink, shower

 - ability to fill up fuel and water tanks

 - knowledge of the inner workings of the engine

 - pre-run tests, running, silence

 - testing of cooling system integrity

- how to fill up engine oil

 - how to check coolant level

 - how to add coolant

 - how to stretch/replace alternator belt.

 - how to find the seawater tap

 - how to check if the alternator is charged while the engine is running

About the boat:

the mast (how to fold in the mast and bag the sails)



depth gauge



Broadcaster (keel).

Know how to distinguish between different sailing angles in relation to the wind.

Activating the command to raise and lower the sail array

Activating the command to lower the sail and drop the trim

How to adjust the sail in relation to the angle of sail downwind.

Knowledge of rope handling for

tying knots.

Positioning the ropes

Releasing the ropes of the tether

Throwing the rope on the platform

Anchor handling

Service boat (dinghy) operation

Raising and launching the workboat (dinghy) on and off the deck

How to install an outboard engine on a yacht (for storage) and workboat.

How to hook up the outboard's fuel system


How to conduct a safety briefing below

Deck the gas system

How to conduct an overboard safety briefing on

How to navigate safely on board

How to use personal protective equipment (storm harness, lifeline)

Know how to activate distress signals (pyrotechnics, signal mirror, flags)

Know how to use emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blanket)

Rescue skills:

 - how to signal a distress

- how to signal the distress via radio

- how to work in low visibility conditions

Basic knowledge of search and rescue procedures

Know where and what is contained in the first aid kit.

Navigation aids.

Knowledge of how to use publications when planning the entrance to an anchorage 

Knowledge of distinguishing characteristics of lighthouses and navigational buoys

Navigational obstacles

Knowledge of general tidal information


Knowledge of meteorological test information sources and how to use them

Know how to identify cumulonimbus clouds

Ability to decipher meteorological messages

Know how to take weather forecasts into account when planning a coastal cruise itinerary and other skills.

Events schedule

  • Feb 11, 2023

    3 days of theory sessions (12.02, 14.02, 16.02 - afternoon)

    5 days of at-sea training: 19-23 February 2023


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