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December 11, 2022
December 23, 2022

The combined ISSA Intensive course


Total days:13Course days: 10

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Russian, English
The combined ISSA Intensive course
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Start:Phuket, Thailand

Finish:Phuket, Thailand

The combined ISSA Intensive course

The ISSA Combined Intensive course consists of the basic Yacht Crew ISSA course (5 days, about 15 hours of theory and 50 miles of practice, held in daytime on Chalonga - half day at the school office, half day on a classic Beneteau 38.5 cruising yacht) and the Inshore Skipper Sail, the so-called "first captain level" course - another 6/7 days with 15 hours of other theory and 150 miles of practice (4 days at sea, with overnight stays aboard or hotels on islands). This course usually takes place on the Leopard 39 cruise catamaran. The standard itinerary is Phuket/Phi Phi/Lanta/Krabi Marina (weather dependent).

Course Content:

  • Sail theory and physical basics of sailing;
  • Classification of ships;
  • Structure of yacht, knowledge of main parts and their purpose (rigging, rigging);
  • Engine operation, checking the engine before starting, switching it on and off, correct operation of cooling system, troubleshooting;
  • Setting, adjusting and setting of sails;
  • Knowing sailing courses, sailing manoeuvres, sheet and halyard handling, reefing;
  • Utilisation of on-board facilities, cooking facilities, toilets, showers;
  • Filling of water and fuel tanks;
  • Handling of mooring lines, ropes, ability to connect two lines of equal and different diameters, coiling, use of winches;
  • Knowledge of knots - arbor, fisherman's knot, eights, duck tackle, mooring etc;
  • Knowledge of mooring methods, correct handling of mooring lines: throwing, receiving, recoiling, fastening;
  • Handling of cranes, knowledge of knots for securing them;
  • Mooring at anchor, types of anchors and peculiarities of their use, anchor winch handling;
  • Handling of inflatable boat (dinghy, dinghy), outboard engine and fuel, safety measures, securing and disconnecting from deck, using oars;
  • Safety on board: handling on board, necessary life saving equipment on the boat, fire safety, personal safety equipment, first aid kit, how to signal distress, basic fire rules;
  • Skipper's assistance: observing terrain, communicating yacht direction, direction to objects, knowing the main lights of own and surrounding boats at dark times, keeping a logbook;
  • Ability to keep the boat on course at the helm.
  • Navigation and cartography.
  • Calculation of total compass error.
  • Observation techniques (methods of calculation and positions to be observed).
  • General information of the mercator chart.
  • Characteristics of lighthouses and navigation marks.
  • Routing and work with lodges.
  • MPSS-72.
  • Tidal waters (tables, almanacs, calculation rules, atlases of currents and rhombuses).
  • VHF radio communication and use of a half duplex station;
  • Fundamentals of maritime English with application of phonetic alphabet.
  • Introduction to synoptic meteorology and analysis of weather forecasts.
  • Motor and sail control of the yacht.
  • All basic vessel manoeuvres including MOU.
  • Practical mooring skills.
  • Crew organisation, log writing, watch planning and emergency situations. General planning of sea crossings at all times and in weather conditions up to 6 on the Beaufort scale.
  • Interaction with representatives of charter companies and port authorities. Handling of insured and non-insured incidents.

Events schedule

  • Dec 11, 2022

    The combined ISSA Intensive course

    Phuket/Phi-Phi Phi/Lanta/Krabi Marina (weather dependent).





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