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February 8, 2020
February 18, 2020

Caribbean Cruise: Guadeloupe - Dominica - Martinique


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Caribbean Cruise: Guadeloupe - Dominica - Martinique
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Caribbean Cruise: Guadeloupe - Dominica - Martinique

Join our cruise around the magical Caribbean islands! We will visit Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique and see with our own eyes what heaven on earth is! Snow-white beaches, the azure sea, coral reefs – Mother Nature was very generous to the Caribbean islands.

We will not be bored on our catamaran - we will swim, sail, sunbathe, explore the wonderful underwater world of the Caribbean, and try the local cuisine.

We provide everyone with a package of documents for applying for a DFA visa.

There are regular flights to Paris from Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Events schedule

  • Feb 8, 2020

    Guadeloupe is the overseas department of France in the Caribbean. Guadeloupe is a combination of old villages and modern cities. Here you can try rum, see how sugarcane is grown and sunbathe on the white beaches.

    The capital of Guadeloupe is the city of Bas-Ter, which was founded in the 17th century. If you like sightseeing, then you will enjoy this city. The old churches and the fort of St. Charles, which now houses the historical museum, are well preserved. You will also enjoy the architecture of colonial times.

    The main natural attraction of the state is the National Park of the island of Guadeloupe. Its area is more than 17 thousand hectares. There are many waterfalls, lakes and rivers, as well as many species of rare plants such as ferns and orchids. The Mason de la Foret exhibition complex is also situated on the territory of the Park.

  • Feb 12, 2020


    A big part of the territory of Dominica is covered by rainforests. Travelers are mostly attracted by Dominican nature. One of the favorite pastimes here is whale watching near the coast.

    The capital of Dominica is the city of Roseau with lots of architectural monuments that have been preserved from old times. Old Market Square was once a slave market. Now it is surrounded by picturesque streets and colonial-style houses. The city also houses the Dominican Republic Museum - the most visited institution in Dominica.

  • Feb 17, 2020


    The island of Martinique, the overseas department of France, is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The capital of the island is the city of Fort de France. In the city center there is La Sawan Park with palm trees and fountains, and in the southern part - Fort Saint-Louis. The main cultural attractions of the capital are the Scholscher Library, the Museum of of Archeology and the Museum of Ethnography.

  • Feb 18, 2020

    Leaving the yacht



We will visit the islands of the Caribbean archipelago - Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique. We’ll enjoy the natural sights, and swim on the best beaches. * The dates of arrival to the islands are approximate, they will depend on the weather and the wishes of the crew.


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