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09 May 2020
18 May 2020
IYT Bareboat Captain sailing practice

IYT Bareboat Captain sailing practice


Total days:10Course days: 10

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Russian, English, Italian
IYT Bareboat Captain sailing practice
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Start:Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

Finish:Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

IYT Bareboat Captain sailing practice

After taking the online theory course in our yachting school (12 hours of video lectures covering all aspects of the theoretical preparation recorded on the yacht in 2018), you can consolidate your knowledge with a ten-day practice. And if you pass the exam successfully you will receive the license that allows managing a sailing yacht 24 miles from the coast, as well as the certificate of the VHF radio operator, which allows you to operate a sailing yacht up to 24 meters long all over the world.

The course includes:

  • Legal aspects of yachting. Customs clearance. Acceptance / delivery of a yacht from a charter company. Stories about the deposit.
  • Weather forecasts. Forecasting and planning crossings. Calculation of the purchase of food for the crew.
  • Safety measures for the crew and the captain. How to make sure your future crew comes back home safe.
  • Work with the ropes. Bays, knots.
  • COLREGs. The rules of movement in the sea. Lights, lighthouses, fairways.
  • GMDSS. Rescue and safety at sea. VHF radio communications.
  • Maneuvers in the marina with the motor. Approaching, leaving, mooring with an aft, lag. The use of mooring ends for maneuvers and rearrangements. Mooring alone.
  • Setting and putting away sails on the headwind and tailwind courses.
  • Yacht management at various courses. Sailing maneuvers, sail setting. Taking reefs. Steering the yacht in reverse.
  • Man-overboard maneuvering. (It’s almost impossible to save a person who has fallen overboard, but it’s a very useful exercise to quickly manage a yacht)
  • Managing a yacht at headwind courses on the high seas. Tacking. Maneuvering the wave. The work of the crew and a helmsman.
  • Managing a yacht at tailwind courses on the high seas. Fordevind. The work of the crew and a helmsman. Setting and putting away the gennaker (optional). Management of a yacht with a gennaker (optional)
  • Navigation with maps, compass, direction finder. The solution of navigation issues on arrival at a certain point in the open sea.
  • Anchoring in an open bay. Using anchors for mooring in a marina.
  • Night crossings and night anchoring
  • The role of the captain in the crew. Situations from personal experience.

Within ten days, we will sail at least 200 miles along beautiful bays, and during this time we will master everything necessary to operate a sailing yacht in the open sea. In the future, all consultations on routes, the selection of yachts, tips for becoming a skipper are free for our graduates. For all graduates of our yacht school "Russian Yacht Center," we give additional discounts on the other projects of the center.

Owners of Volvo cars receive a 15% discount.

The yacht school "Russian Yacht Center", one of the oldest in Russia, was established in 2007. It is an official partner of Volvo Car Russia.

The school is officially licensed by the International Yacht Training Worldwide to train amateurs up to ITY Bareboat Captain and has licensed instructors.

Events schedule

  • 09 May, 2020

    Ten-day sailing practice IYT Bareboat Captain


The practice will take place in Turkey



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