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31 December 2022
06 January 2023

New Year's Flotilla Rally in Turkey


Total days:7Cruise days: 8

Team level

Еxperienced, Beginners

Activity level


Event Language

Russian, English
New Year's Flotilla Rally in Turkey
About event

Start:Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey

Finish:Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey

New Year's Flotilla Rally in Turkey

A flotilla-style boat trip along the coast of Turkey - we'll follow the route in a big company of several yachts under the supervision of an experienced instructor, the flotilla admiral, who is always ready to help and support us. 

 You can steer one of the boats or be a member of the crew. 

For beginner captains who want to practice or rent a boat on their own for the first time, the flotilla will save nerves. Recruit a crew and go ahead: the route is well thought out, there are like-minded people around and there's always someone to ask for advice. 

 And if you just want to enjoy an interesting program and a week of yachting in warm Turkey, you are welcome as a member of any crew.

 During the day we'll make crossings, race and have fun on the water, stroll through picturesque towns. And in the evenings we will have parties, dine in cozy restaurants, drink bubbly at sunset, play Quiz, watch movies right on the sail and photos of those who decide to participate in the big photo contest of the trip. 


Events schedule

  • 31 December, 2022


    Fethiye is a small and cozy town in Turkey on the Aegean coast. We arrive and check in on a yacht. We meet the New Year cheerfully in a cozy restaurant, get acquainted and relax. Fethiye has a wonderful atmosphere of general relaxation.
  • 31 December, 2022

    January 1


    Fethiye to Sarsala.

    We have Turkish breakfast and start the 1st leg of the rally to the picturesque and secluded bay of Sarsala. In the evening we have a cozy dinner by the fireplace, where time stands still.
  • 01 January, 2023

    Sarsala - Karachaoren

    Stage 2 of the rally to Karachaoren Island. We sleep on buoys in a picturesque bay, walk in a pine forest and play sea quiz.
  • 02 January, 2023

    Karachaoren to Kaya-Køy.

    Stage 3 of the rally to Kaya Koy. In the afternoon we have a frostbite swim, and in the evening we have a picnic on the beach and the endless starry sky.
  • 03 January, 2023

    Day in Kayakay.

    We transfer to Cold Water bay anchorage and take an excursion to Kayakei, an abandoned ghost town that is a real open-air museum. In the evening we have dinner in a restaurant and watch a movie on sail.
  • 04 January, 2023

    Kaya-Key - Göcek.

    Stage 4 of the rally. We walk around the old Turkish port of Göcek, which has now become a favorite town of yachtsmen. We enjoy the beauty of the city and do some shopping.
  • 05 January, 2023

    Göcek - Fethiye.

    The 5th stage of the rally and a touring car race. We row everything except the oars. In the evening we rent the boats. Dinner at the restaurant, summing up the results of the photo contest. Awarding, congratulations, slide show from the trip highlights.
  • 06 January, 2023


    Saying goodbye, leaving the boats. Traditional Turkish hamam. Transfer to the airport.


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