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Learning yachting - from beginner to skipper


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Learning yachting - from beginner to skipper
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Learning yachting - from beginner to skipper

This course will be your first serious step into the world of yachting: yachting terminology in Russian and English; yacht structure; security basics; basics of navigation and yacht management.

You will master the theoretical part of the IYT Bareboat Skipper course and will be ready to proceed to the next important stage of yachting training - practice on board a yacht, and the result of all training you can receive an international certificate that gives the right to charter yachts in any country in the world.

Why you need this course:

For beginners - master the theoretical part of the training and prepare for practice on a yacht to obtain the international IYT Bareboat Skipper certificate.

For new skippers - fill in the training gaps, help them understand the peculiarities of yacht management.

For experienced skippers - systematize knowledge and introduce your crew (family, friends) to the basics of yachting before sailing.

The course program:

The course consists of more than three dozen video lessons, many text lessons, as well as tests to check the material learned.

An important and integral part of the course is regular webinars (video conferences), which help students to understand the details of the material being studied and ask questions that are not covered in the course.

  • Introductory lesson: are you familiar with yachting?
  • Main parts of the yacht hull and yacht dimensions
  • Rigging, sails
  • Hull, deck, cockpit, inside the yacht
  • Rescue and fire-fighting equipment on yachts
  • Distress signals, communications
  • Man overboard
  • More about life jackets
  • World Sailing Special Regulations
  • Setting the sails
  • Wind courses
  • Adjusting the angle of the sail
  • Sailing reefs
  • Overstag rotation
  • Turning through the forewind
  • Taking down the sails
  • Knots
  • Mooring, basic terms and concepts
  • Types of anchors, anchoring
  • Basics of hydrometeorology for yachtsmen
  • Ebb and flow. Basic terms and definitions
  • Navigation basics - geographic coordinates, course
  • Marine units
  • Basic ship navigation lights

Events schedule

  • The course contains more than 50 lessons

    An integral part of the course are video seminars where you can ask your questions

    You will have 2 months' access to the materials





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