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Basic theoretical yachting course


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Basic theoretical yachting course
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Basic theoretical yachting course

Theoretical lessons are conducted in our classrooms in St. Petersburg, as well as with instructors from partner schools. Students who have successfully passed the theoretical part can have practical training with our partners. After successful training, you will receive the international and national certificates you need.

In other words, upon completion of the full course of study, you will have an international license to operate sailing yachts up to 24 meters long at a distance of up to 20 nautical miles from the coast and a radio operator certificate - the documents required for renting a yacht in charter companies and the knowledge required for safe sailing.


  • Yacht structure
  • Managing the yacht
  • Engine and systems
  • Sail theory
  • Maneuvering with sail
  • Maneuvering with the motor
  • Navigation
  • COLREGS-72
  • Maritime radio communication
  • Meteorology

Events schedule

  • 2-3 times a week in the evening for 3 hours

    Duration: 32 academic hours



Saint Petersburg


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