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Vacations on a sailing yacht, a cruise in Turkey


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Vacations on a sailing yacht, a cruise in Turkey
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Start:Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

Finish:Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

Vacations on a sailing yacht, a cruise in Turkey

Have you dreamed about the sea? - about the gentle southern sun that wakes you up with the first gentle rays, and gives you energy for the whole day! About being on the deck of a sailing yacht with a mug of coffee and, with each sip, breathing in the smell of the sea, and absorbing this exquisite cocktail !? Or, when a fresh sea wind, salting your lips and face, catches the spray of a wave and showers you with warm sea water!? Or, perhaps, you would like to stand at the helm yourself, anchor, go to the marina and moor the yacht? All this under the guidance of an experienced skipper, of course!

All this is here …

Traveling on a modern comfortable sea yacht Gib Sea 442 for a company of up to 6 people in the Mediterranean Sea with a starting point in Turkish Marmaris or one of the Greek islands - Rhodes or Kos, where international airports are located. We can moor at any place and for as long as you wish.

The yacht has three double cabins, a huge salon, a kitchen with a kitchenware, a gas stove with an oven, two refrigerators, a bar, two internal showers and one on deck with fresh, hot and cold water.

Events schedule

  • Day 1

    On the first day, travelers arrive on the yacht, settle down, then they are instructed on the rules of conduct and safety on the yacht ...

    Then, together we purchase food and everything you need for the upcoming trip.

    After lunch at the nearest restaurant, the yacht departs. The journey has begun ...

    After a three-hour sailing with swimming from the yacht, we moor in the hospitable, beautiful bay of Chiftlik.

    Here we will swim, sunbathe, dine, and sleep.

  • Day 2

    On the second day, after an early breakfast and swimming, we will set off to the west to the hospitable Serci Bay. On the way, we will sail to completely wild and uninhabited coves, where we will swim in crystal clear waters, in the Serci Bay we will spend the night at the pier of a local restaurant.

  • Day 3

    On the third day, in the morning, we will leave in the direction of Marmaris and explore those bays that we have not yet been to, having come to Marmaris, we say goodbye to the next meeting.



Marmaris, Turkey


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