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05 October 2020
12 October 2020

La Ruta de la Sal 2020


Total days:8Racing days: 8

Team level

Beginners, Еxperienced, Professionals

Activity level


Event Language

Russian, English
La Ruta de la Sal 2020
About event

Start:Barcelona, Spain

Finish:07800 Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

La Ruta de la Sal 2020

Do you want to get some sailing practice, add miles to your logbook and have a great time? We invite you to participate in the famous Spanish regatta!

La Ruta de la Sal (Path for the salt) is the largest sailing regatta of the Spanish Costa Blanca. This event attracts more than 2,000 sailors annually! Here, beginners compete in one team with experienced yachtsmen, and during the regatta, they learn new skills and gain the necessary experience. The regatta is dedicated to Semana Santa (Holy Week).

The name of the regatta La Ruta de la Sal is connected to historical events. During the riot of the sailors due to the blockade in Barcelona there was a shortage of salt, which was delivered from the salt pools of the Ibiza islands. Merchants offered to pay for salt transportation services in the following way: the first one who delivers the cargo receives almost the entire reward, the last one does not receive anything. Thus, a kind of regatta was first held in 1846. The path that the sailors took was named Ruta de la Sal.

The regatta offers three alternative routes with one-day starts from Barcelona, Denia and Palma, and a finish on the island of Ibiza.

Events schedule

  • 05 October, 2020

    Gathering in Barcelona

    Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Barcelona is about architecture of the great Gaudi, about the energy of a little crazy Dali, it is about paella and sangria. And most importantly - it is about the majestic Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona is a city of salty breeze and gentle sun. This is a city which everyone falls in love with, and it is from here that we will start our regatta.
  • 06 October, 2020

    Practice and training

    We will face serious races and worthy rivals, so good preparation is our most important task.
  • 07 October, 2020

    Start of the race, 140 miles, more than a day non-stop to Ibiza

    It's time to show your skills of a true yachtsman, a conqueror of the seas, and most importantly - a person working in a team and obeying the captain. We are sure that your crew will succeed!
  • 10 October, 2020

    Rewarding the winners

    Intense racing is behind. We are looking forward to the award ceremony.
  • 12 October, 2020

    We will leave the yacht, but not say goodbye to you. Join our crew for the next regattas!


We will see the magnificent Barcelona and come to Ibiza - an island that never sleeps. If we have a chance we will sail to Formentera and back.



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