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September 7, 2020
September 12, 2020

Sailing trainings on the Azov Sea


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Sailing trainings on the Azov Sea
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Start:Yeysk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Finish:Yeysk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Sailing trainings on the Azov Sea

A week of sailing training on the Sea of ​​Azov is a steady wind, the sun like in California, and an ideal format for getting to know sailing culture. You will spend 6 days to the capital of the wind - the city of Yeysk, live on the shore and practice sailing every day, and also go on a yacht to beautiful places and a nature reserve.

In our sailing camp, you will learn how to set up the sails, operate a yacht, understand all the theory, perform basic maneuvers and understand how to progress in the sailing world. The basis of our training is practice at sea under the guidance of an experienced instructor and racer. With the acquired skills, you can go to the skippers school and attend sailing training in Oreshka and Strogino all season.

Why the Azov Sea?

- The cheapest way to try yachting

Classes in Yeysk on the Azov Sea of ​​Azov are the cheapest way to try sailing. A week of adventure and intense training under the guidance of an experienced instructor is waiting for you.

- Unique wind conditions

Yeisk is called the “mecca of windsurfing”: every day breeze winds blow here, which allow to train at all times and will help you quickly understand the settings and control of a sailing vessel, even for those who sail for the first time. Don't forget to bring your windbreaker.

- Sailing at home

We are used to thinking that to do yachting you have to go abroad and pay a lot. But we travel to the Azov and White Seas, to Kamchatka. Let's travel around the country and try something new.

There are six full days of training in the waters of the Azov Sea. Every day we will meet at the dock at about 10 am and start with a little theory and safety briefing. Then we will go to sea in a trimaran until the evening. We will see the Yeisk spit, the Bird Island and go out to the open sea.

The instructor is Alexander Tsukanov. Alexander is an experienced racer, skipper and engineer with over 30 years of yachting experience. He participated in major Russian regattas. Alexander assembled the trimaran on which our trainings take place with his own hands.

How to get to Yeysk

Trains run to Yeisk, there is no airport in the city. The easiest way is to fly to Rostov-on-Don, and from there take a three-hours bus. A bus ticket can be bought in advance at the ticket office of the main bus station. Classes begin on Monday at 10 am, so it's better to come to Yeisk on Sunday.

Where to live and where the classes will take place

Every morning we will start classes at the pier located at the Novinka Hotel (1A Plyazhnaya Street). It is quite convenient to stay there. You can call there by number +7 (861) 323-53-48. Nearby, there are several more good places where you can live: the guest house Yeisk Wind, "Babylon" hotel. The cheapest option will be to rent housing in the private sector, which is also very close to the pier. There is lots of inexpensive housing in Yeysk. Prices are quite low - you can rent a room from 700 rubles per day.

During a week of training in Yeysk, you will learn to understand all the basics of yachting theory, learn how to use a map and direction finders, be able to confidently keep the boat on course and perform basic maneuvers, set up and tune the sails, make friends with the mainsail, staysail and even a gennaker, and you will also bring home lots of impressions that can be shared with friends for a long time.

Events schedule

  • Sep 7, 2020

    There are six full days of training. We start on Monday at 10 am, so it's better to arrive on Sunday.



Sailing training in Yeysk


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