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Practical sailing course


Regular event

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Еxperienced, Beginners

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Russian, English
Practical sailing course
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Start:Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

Finish:Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

Practical sailing course

The duration of the practice is 2 weeks. Check- in on Saturday


  • Structure of a sailing yacht, acceptance of a boat from a charter company, checklist
  • Briefing on Safety Rules while on a boat at sea and near the shore,
  • The structure and the principle of operation of the sail, repair of sails
  • Maneuvering and steering a sailboat under sail and under a motor,
  • Adjusting and tuning sails.
  • Practicing the actions of the crew when MOB under the motor and under sail,
  • International Ship Collision Prevention Rules, signs, practical application
  • Navigation at sea, planning a safe crossing route
  • Determination of location by landmarks
  • Use of VHF radio for boat-to-boat and shore communication. Spell alphabet.
  • Keeping a navigational watch
  • Mooring a boat stern and log as part of a team and alone.
  • Rescue and safety equipment on the boat

The specification of the practice is sea crossings, in which students use only paper maps and determine their location by dead reckoning, and also have round-the-clock watches. This is given on top of the required basic international programs.

Also, a special feature is training mooring with aft and a log. At the end of the practice, each student will have made about 30 independent mooring lines. This practice allows you to develop mooring skills and help to effectively overcome the fear that accompanies approaches to the pier in the first independent sea voyages.

Events schedule

  • The schedule depends on the group





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