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03 April 2021
14 April 2021
Practical IYT Bareboat Skipper Sail +Power course in Croatia

Practical IYT Bareboat Skipper Sail +Power course in Croatia


Total days:12Course days: 12

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Russian, English
Practical IYT Bareboat Skipper Sail +Power course in Croatia
About event

Start:22213, Pirovac, Croatia

Finish:22213, Pirovac, Croatia

Practical IYT Bareboat Skipper Sail +Power course in Croatia

A great offer for those who want to get the maximum experience with the minimum cost in a short time!

This course is divided into 3 parts:

The theory (VHF operator + Competent crew + Bareboat skipper + power) can be studied online on our website.

Practice on a sailing yacht for 1 week.

Practice on a motor boat for 4 days.

Events schedule

  • 03 April, 2021

    Theoretical course program:

    1. Introduction to yachting

    2. Safety briefing

    3. Rescue equipment

    4. Marine terminology

    5. Directions at sea

    6. Working with ropes

    7. Meteorology

    8. Pilotage

    9. Yacht handling

    10. Responsibilities of the captain / skipper

    11. Ebb / flow and currents

    12. Working with the map

    13. COLREG-72

    14. Navigation

    15. Dinghy

    16. Acceptance of the vessel

    17. First aid basics

    18. VHF radio operator certificate

    Practical course program:

    The practical course takes place in a week during which you sail 200 nautical miles.

    During this time, you learn:

    I. Practical skills:

    1. Acceptance of the yacht

    2. Working with devices: GPS, compasses, wind and depth indicators, log, etc.

    3. Location and operation of rescue equipment: fire fighting equipment, emergency tiller, life jackets and harnesses, life raft, SOS call.

    4. Navigation: plotting a course, finding a location

    5. Working with the radio station

    6. Rigging, knots

    7. Departure from the pier on a sailing yacht

    8. Departure from the pier on a motor yacht

    9. Steering a yacht with a motor

    10. Turns: tack, overstag, fordewind

    11. Anchoring

    12. Mooring on a sailing yacht: near the pier, log, mooring, anchor.

    13. Mooring on a motor yacht.

    14. Rescue of a drowning man on a sailing yacht: with the engine.

    15. Rescue of a drowning man on a motor yacht.

    16. Using boat and outboard motor.

    17. Steering a motor yacht

    II. Practical exam

    Laying a course and planning a voyage. - organization of the team's work - unmooring / de-anchoring, mooring, anchoring.





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