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Day sailing: Alcantara — Belen — Alcantara


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Day sailing: Alcantara — Belen — Alcantara
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Start:Alcântara, 1300 Lisbon, Portugal

Finish:Alcântara, 1300 Lisbon, Portugal

Day sailing: Alcantara — Belen — Alcantara

We invite you to take a yacht trip to the bays of Lisbon. We start from the bay of Alcantara, go to Belen and come back to Alcantara.

In Belen, there are many of Lisbon’s attractions. Belen's heart is Empire Square with gardens and a fountain. The Jeronimos Monastery and the official residence of the President, the National Palace of Belen, are also located in this area.

The voyage lasts 4 hours. A yacht with a skipper will be completely at your disposal, so you can relax, breathe in the cleanest ocean air, look at Lisbon from the sea - the view is truly amazing, and just chat with friends, leaving all the worries onshore.

Events schedule

  • Alcantara - Belen - Alcantara

    Alcantara - Belen - Alcantara - 4 hours


Alcantara - Belen - Alcantara


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