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June 11, 2022
June 18, 2022

Gothenburg - Stavanger. Skaggerak Strait


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Gothenburg - Stavanger. Skaggerak Strait
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Start:Gothenburg, Sweden

Finish:Stavanger, Norway

Gothenburg - Stavanger. Skaggerak Strait

This trip is all about yachting romance. Long crossing starting at dawn, noisy gatherings with other yachtsmen in cozy bars and the most beautiful views of the coastline of Sweden, Denmark and Norway!

Skagerrak separates Norway from Denmark, and Sweden is just a stone's throw away. This strait opens the most famous sea road in the north - North Road.

During the trip we will visit three Scandinavian countries at once and see the most interesting places! We will visit the place of confluence of the two seas, see how waters of different color and density meet in a single rush, rise up, splashing foam, and again diverge until the next wave. It is simply impossible not to fish here - herring, halibut and tuna almost jump into your hands.

Events schedule

  • Jun 11, 2022

    Gothenburg is sometimes called the city of youth. The old city center is surrounded by the remains of ramparts and the famous Slotskogen Park. We will walk along the main city streets Ostrahamngatan and Avenyn among the variety of monuments and cultural structures. And here is the largest Botanical Garden in Europe! We will visit the small but incredibly beautiful Chuleholm Palace. Then we will go to Skagen - the northernmost point of Denmark, see where almost the entire Scandinavian elite lives.

    Sand dunes and moorlands in the vicinity of Skagen are chosen by artists for more than one century. We cannot ignore the oldest city in Norway - Stavanger. There are stone pavements, a sea of ​​flowers and almost two hundred snow-white houses. The main attractions of Stavenger are the fishing village and the Cathedral of St. Svitin and the Holy Trinity, beautiful outside and inside. In every country, we will try the local cuisine and chat with old-timers.



Gothenburg - Stavanger


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