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21 April 2020
01 May 2020

Sailing trip Malta — Kotor


Total days:11Journey days: 11

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Russian, English, Italian
Sailing trip Malta — Kotor
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Finish:Kotor, Montenegro

Sailing trip Malta — Kotor

Route: Malta - Sicily (Syracuse) - Crotone - Brindisi - Bari - Kotor 500 nm.

Full day stops: Syracuse, Crotone, Bari.

Events schedule

  • 21 April, 2020

    We will start our trip from Malta and sail to Sicily (Syracuse) - Crotone - Brindisi - Bari - Kotor, about 500 nm.

    Full day stops in Syracuse, Crotone, Bari.


More than any other city, Syracuse (Siracusa) encapsulates Sicily's timeless beauty. Ancient Greek ruins rise out of lush citrus orchards, cafe tables spill onto dazzling baroque piazzas, and honey-hued medieval side streets lead down to the sparkling blue sea. It's difficult to imagine now, but in its heyday this was the largest city in the ancient world, bigger even than Athens and Corinth.