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September 27, 2024
October 4, 2024

Sail & Fun Trophy 2024


Total days:8Racing days: 7

Team level

Beginners, Еxperienced

Activity level


Event Language

Russian, English
Sail & Fun Trophy 2024
About event

Start:Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey

Finish:Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey

Sail & Fun Trophy 2024

Who said that sailing cannot be combined with the warm, friendly atmosphere of a scout camp? It is possible and should be done! Meet the 22nd Sail and Fun Trophy regatta, where we combine racing and fun, sports ambitions and friendship!

Three racing divisions will be organized for yachting enthusiasts with different levels of training or without it at all. Mixed division — 6 boats, monotype — 10 boats Salona 41 and open sports 6+ boats. The competition will be intense but we will also have fun!

If you have not experienced the feeling of happiness from getting into the wonderful world of sails, take your first step in this direction: call or write to us, ask questions. You will not have doubts anymore and will become part of our friendly family - awesome guys and girls who decided one day for the first time to step aboard a sailing yacht.

Or watch our videos, they will say more than thousands of words.

Events schedule

  • Sep 27, 2024

    1. A flight from Moscow to Dalaman.

    2. Transfer to Marmaris, acceptance of yachts.

    3. Transfer to Fethiye, ECE Marina.

    4. Dinner, the opening of the regatta, the draw in the Golden Plate restaurant.

  • Sep 28, 2024

    1. Breakfast on board.

    2. 12-00 - 1st race, offshore 20 miles.

    3. Mooring at Buzuk Kale.

    4. Dinner, rewarding of the winners of the 1st racing day, evening program.

  • Sep 29, 2024

    1. Breakfast on board.

    2. 10-30 out to sea.

    3. 12-00 start of the race. Offshore 15 miles.

    4. 17-00 Mooring at the Marti marina.

  • Sep 30, 2024

    1. Breakfast on board.

    2. 12:00 start of the route race. Distance - 15 miles. Finish at approximately 16-00.

    3. Mooring in Selimye.

    4. Dinner, awarding of the stage winners, evening program.

  • Oct 1, 2024

    1. Breakfast on board.

    2. 12-00 Start of the route race - 15 miles.

    3. Mooring at the municipal pier in Buzburun.

    4. Dinner, awarding of the winners.

  • Oct 2, 2024

    1. Breakfast on board / shore.

    2. 10-00 Start of the route race.

    3.1pm - mooring in Chiftlik Bay.

    4. Conveniences: water, shower, toilet.

    5. Dinner, evening program, rewarding of the race winners in a restaurant.

    6. Traditional Sail and Fun Carnival.

  • Oct 3, 2024

    1. Breakfast on board / shore

    2. 9-30 out to sea.

    3. 12-00 start of the race. Triangle in the Bay of Marmaris. Finish at approximately 16-00.

    4. 16-30 refueling of yacht, mooring in the marina before17-00.

    5. 17-00 - 18-00 Yacht delivery.

    6. Conveniences: WC, shower, restaurants and cafes, shops.

    Leaving the yachts next morning

    7. Dinner, evening program, rewarding of the regatta winners.



Marmaris is located in a bay surrounded by mountains on all sides. The water here is almost always calm and clear. The city is surrounded by national parks with unique pine groves with their ecosystems. On the opposite shore from the bay, at a distance of about 7 km from the city center, there is a yacht club, one of the largest in Turkey.


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