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13 June 2022
20 June 2022

Sailing tour from Cyprus to Greek island and back


Total days:8Cruise days: 8

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Еxperienced, Beginners

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Russian, English
Sailing tour from Cyprus to Greek island  and back
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Start:Limassol, Cyprus

Finish:Limassol, Cyprus

Sailing tour from Cyprus to Greek island and back

The pearl of the cruise is the island of Kastellorizo in the Dodecanese archipelago.

Kastellorizo ​​is one of the 1000 most beautiful islands in the world. It is the most remote from Greece, located only 2.5 km from Turkey and 200 km from Cyprus. There is only one settlement on the island. Its harbor is considered the safest and most beautiful. Fort Kastro with a stunning view rises above the island. Nearby there is the only rock-hewn tomb in Greece with Doric columns. The path from the town to the mountains leads to the four white churches of Paleokastro. Also on the island there are beautiful grottoes with water of incredible color, known as Blue Caves.

The island is washed by the purest azure waters. This is a wonderful place for swimming and fishing. Spearfishing championships with a gun and a mask have been often held near the island. The veranda of one of the taverns is located right on the pier, its coastal waters are illuminated by lights, where you can see sea turtles. Every evening they swim up to the shore in the hope to get something to eat.

Events schedule

  • 13 June, 2022

    Limassol to Kastellorizo
  • 15 June, 2022

  • 16 June, 2022

  • 17 June, 2022

  • 19 June, 2022

    Back to Limassol


Limassol - Kastellorizo 2 days - Latsi - Pissouri - Limassol



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