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Regular event

Regular sailing training on FAREAST 28R


Regular event

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Russian, English, Italian
Regular sailing training on FAREAST 28R
About event

Start:Limassol Marina St 3601, Limasol, Cyprus

Finish:Limassol Marina St 3601, Limasol, Cyprus

Regular sailing training on FAREAST 28R

Fareast 28R sport-racing yachts on weekdays and weekends in New Limassol Marina. Training Sailing session's developed for both beginners and experienced yachtsmen. Our professional instructors will be happy to tell, explain, and teach you all the necessary skills.

Each training is different in a kind and is focused on the development of certain skills needed for a quality sailing experience. Among the main skills taught:

— learning to sail on yachts,

— practicing starting procedures,

— analyzing racing rules of sailing,

— analyzing the roles in the team,

— working out give way / standing on situations and rounding the marks,

— starting in the boxes,

— trimming and setting sails on time,

— competing with other yacht teams.

Events schedule

  • Every weekend (apart from the ones when the club's events and national competitions are held.)



Limassol is a city on the south coast of Cyprus. One of the main attractions is an old castle. Within its walls, there is a museum of the Middle Ages with a collection of ceramics and tombstones. On the Molos embankment, you can visit the sculpture park with works by artists from Cyprus, Greece and other countries.


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