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June 10, 2021
June 20, 2021

Family yachting in Iceland: Lighthouses, geysers, waterfalls, icebergs


Total days:11Cruise days: 11

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Family yachting in Iceland: Lighthouses, geysers, waterfalls, icebergs
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Start:Reykjavík, Iceland

Finish:Reykjavík, Iceland

Family yachting in Iceland: Lighthouses, geysers, waterfalls, icebergs

Incredible landscapes, sailing, waterfalls, geysers, and glaciers! We will see Iceland from the sea and explore it from the shore!

Iceland is a magical land. There is a feeling that you are on another planet, and not in the north of Europe! We want to repeat it again! Here is the third expedition to the country of glaciers, lava fields, waterfalls, and geysers.

It is possible to have a family expedition. We conduct it on yachts for the sixth year in a row, we know from experience that a sea voyage on a yacht with active training and participation in the life of a boat is a complete change in the usual routine for adults and children, a replacement for boring package tourism. Family regattas are an opportunity to live a new emotional experience of traveling together with a child. There are no passive roles here.

The voyage will be comfortable for children 6 years and up.

We offer three options for traveling around the country:

  • Sea adventure on yachts - 5 days
  • Land program - 5 days
  • Sea voyage + land program - 10 days


Children and parents live on boats in comfortable double cabins.

For 5 cabins there are 3 bathrooms with showers and hot water (depending on the model of a boat). Each boat has its own kitchen, where we cook breakfasts and dinners with the freshest products purchased in shops and local port markets. We have dinners in picturesque restaurants onshore.


By the end of the trip, parents and children will know what the work of a sailor, a boatswain, a skipper, a radio operator, an assistant captain is, as well as what is the bowline, how to knit fenders, give and receive moorings and shout “the anchor is clear” when we start sailing. In addition to a new experience and vivid memories, you will make new friends. And not only children but their parents will have them! Yachting unites entire families around the world who are happy to visit each other and meet at new regattas!

Events schedule

  • Jun 10, 2021

    Day 1: Meeting at Reykjavik's marina at 5 p.m. Safety briefing, check-in, purchase of food and a welcome dinner.

  • Jun 11, 2021

    Day 2-5: From Reykjavik, we will sail to Arcanes. There is an old lighthouse here and we have a tradition of painting stones. We will definitely paint new ones and find last year ones.

    We will catch fish and have a picnic. In Keflavik, we will visit the Maritime Museum - there are hundreds of models of ships in it, all created by one person! We will warm up in the world famous Blue Lagoon - a natural geothermal pool with incredible blue water.

  • Jun 15, 2021

    Day 1 of the land program: Check-in at the hotel. Walking around Reykjavik

  • Jun 16, 2021

    Day 2: We will leave the hotel at 8:00. We will have an exciting ATV ride with incredible views. We will have lunch of Icelandic grilled lamb in a cave. And in the afternoon we will go to one of the most beautiful waterfalls Seljalandsfoss.

  • Jun 17, 2021

    We will have a busy day: a walk to the Skogafoss waterfall, Reynisfjara black beach, Fjadrarglyufur canyon, hiking (do not forget to take comfortable shoes) and a visit to the town of Vik, where we will stop for lunch. In the evening we will check into a country house with a jacuzzi, where we will arrange a barbecue party.

  • Jun 18, 2021

    We will continue to explore mysterious Iceland. We will sail on a boat among the glaciers in the Ice Lagoon, visit the Skaftafell National Park, the landscape of which has been shaped by water and fire for thousands of years. We will see the Svartifoss waterfall and the picturesque green Christinafjall mountain. We will spend the night at the hotel.

  • Jun 19, 2021

    In the morning, we will leave towards Reykjavik. On the way, we will visit lava fields, have lunch in Vik and see the most famous natural attractions of Iceland's “Golden Ring”: the Goodlefoss waterfall and the Great Geyser. In the evening we will have a farewell dinner in the capital.

  • Jun 20, 2021

    Going back home



Iceland is a mysterious country and we will try to solve this mystery on our journey. We will see interesting Icelandic cities, swim in the thermal pools, visit the Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls and the mysterious Jökulsarlon ice lagoon.


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