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February 5, 2024
February 15, 2024

Yacht Crew+ Inshore ISSA Combined Course


Total days:11Course days: 11

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Russian, English
 Yacht Crew+ Inshore ISSA Combined Course
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Start:Phuket, Thailand

Finish:Phuket, Thailand

Yacht Crew+ Inshore ISSA Combined Course

Navigation and cartography.

Calculation of total compass error.

Observational techniques (methods of calculation and observed positions).

General information of a mercatorial chart.

Characteristics of lighthouses and navigation marks.

Charting a route and working with pilots.


Tidal waters (tables, almanacs, calculation rules, atlases of currents and rhumbas).

VHF radio communications and use of a half duplex station;

Basic Maritime English with application of the phonetic alphabet.

Introduction to synoptic meteorology and analyzing weather forecasts.

Yacht handling under motor and sails.

All basic maneuvers of the vessel, including MOU.

Practical mooring skills.

Crew organization, logbook keeping, watch planning and emergency situations. General planning of sea crossings in all times and weather conditions up to 6 Beaufort.

Interaction with charter company representatives and port authorities. Handling of insured and non-insured claims.

According to ISSA standards, this certificate entitles its holder to operate a sailing-motor vessel up to 24 meters long in day and night time at a distance from the coast at 20 nautical miles and wind force up to 27 nautical knots.

Inshore Skipper Sail 150 euro, Inshore Skipper Power 150 euro VHF Radio Operator (Short Range Certificate) 100 euro.

Events schedule

  • Feb 5, 2024

    11 days of theory+practice courses




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