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May 22, 2021
May 29, 2021

Space Regatta 2021


Total days:8Racing days: 8

Team level

Еxperienced, Beginners

Activity level


Event Language

Russian, English
Space Regatta 2021
About event

Start:Leof. Posidonos 32, Paleo Faliro 175 61, Greece

Finish:Leof. Posidonos 32, Paleo Faliro 175 61, Greece

Space Regatta 2021

Regatta in Greece for those who love intellectual pursuits, healthy lifestyle, and sea. The theme of the regatta is "Spiral Dynamics". It includes strategy sessions, two gala dinners and, of course, yacht races, awards and prizes.

The regatta is for those who love the sea, travel, development, cheerful company and strive to live happily. There will be warm relationships, races, dancing on the deck, love and joy! Plus money thinking training and networking.

We take everyone who shares our values, as well as their relatives and friends. That is, it will be a very advanced company. And that means there will be a carriage of happiness, tranquility, buzz and excitement. Plus training and networking.

The theme of the regatta is space, business, ocean. Each team will need to come up with a name, shirts, mottos, etc. There will be intellectual competition of teams, training, brainstorming sessions. Everyone will leave with new super ideas.

Events schedule

  • May 22, 2021

    Athens, Alimos marina

    Arrival of all participants

    Accommodation on boats after 15:00;

    Regatta opening at 20:00 - Greek gala dinner at a national restaurant. The dress code is a team uniform.

    Athens is the capital of Greece, a colorful city with ancient sights.

  • May 23, 2021

    Aegina island

    Training race

    2 main competition races

    Sailing to the island of Aegina (2, 5 hours)

    Anchorage on the island of Aegina.

    An ancient myth says that the first inhabitants of the island of Aegina were ants, turned by Zeus into humans. The main attraction of the island is the Temple of Afea. Amazingly, if you draw imaginary straight lines, connecting the temple of Afea with the temple of the Parthenon and the temple of Poseidon, you get an absolutely equilateral triangle. The main product supplied by the inhabitants of the island to the market is pistachios. In Greece, the phrase "Aegina pistachios" is practically a household name.

  • May 24, 2021

    Aegina Island - Port of Epidavros

    4 main competition races

    Sailing to the port of Epidavros (2, 5 hours)

    Mooring in the port of Epidavros overnight.

  • May 25, 2021

    Epidavrus - Mycenae - Nafplio

    Free day.

    Epidaurus, Mycenae, the Sanctuary of Asclepius and the city of Nafplio - time for a guided tour with a professional guide. Anyone can take part in a bus tour of the most significant places of ancient Greece (excursion for an additional fee)

    For those who stay on the boats - free time.

  • May 26, 2021

    Poros Island.

    In the morning, Natasha Markovich's training “Spiral Dynamics"

    Race to Poros and Poros Island Special Prize.

    Short races off the coast of Poros

    Free time in Poros

  • May 27, 2021

    Metana marina

    Skippers race (three races) (an exclusive racing format, when teams run three races with different captains). According to the results of the races, there will be a special cup - Best Captain and Best Team.

    The culinary duel between the SMAK teams

    Staying overnight at the port of Metana.

    Metana is the place where the Greek volcano is located and there are hot thermal springs - after the races, lying in these baths is what you need.

  • May 28, 2021

    Coming back to Athens and closing of the regatta.

    Final 3 races

    Transfer to the Alimos Marina (Athens);

    Closing of the regatta and WHITE PARTY;

    Winner's reward ceremony;

    Dinner. The dress code is white.

  • May 29, 2021

    Leaving for home



Athens - Aegina - Epidavros - Mykines - Nafplion - Poros -Methana - Athens


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